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BebeSounds Portable Color Video and Sound Monitor

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This is amazing! Night vision is great! Reception isn't the best


I love this thing!! It is GREAT!  I had to wait a long time to receive it, but when I did receive was so easy to use. I hooked it up right away and watched my children while I shoveled the driveway.  I love the peace of mind that I can see my children when they sleep. I would highly recommended it! The only bad thing that I can find about it....when I'm in the basement of my 4 level house, the video bounces and it's staticy. If I hold the monitor near a window, it subsides. It is bright at night - which I like b/c I can see my children during the night. The screen is the perfect size!

Sioux Falls, SD


video monitors rock!


I used traditional audio only monitors with my first two sons but I found a great deal on this video monitor when I was pregnant with my third child.  I did not think I would actually need to see the baby all the time since i was an experienced parent but I WAS WRONG!  I love being able to hear and see what he is really doing.  It really cuts back on all those two am trips to the nursery just to peak in on him.  And if he makes a noise I don't have to jump and run to make sure he is okay.  I just check my monitor.  It is very easy to use and I love the fact that I can hook it up to my television and watch him while I cook or clean or even read a book and relax.  You can record the video stream as well.  The instructions are very easy to read.  I love that I can add an additional camera if I need and the monitor will scan back and forth between the two cameras.  The picture quality is very clear too.

Brush Creek, TN


This is great it works wonderful and makes you so you can relax.


***This is the best monitor I have seen yet.  I got it for my best friend and now she can relax and feel comfortable with no worries.  I would buy this same one again with no hesitations.  I give it 5 stars.*** ***Linda Elliott*** ****

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Picture is worth a thousand words: The Bebesound Video Monitor


I'm a first time dad and the first time that we put our son in his own room was a bit difficult for my wife and I.  For the first months of his life we had our son sleeping in a bassinet in our room.  The first few weeks I found myself constantly waking up and checking on the little guy to make sure he was fine.  Of course he was fine, however, my sleep wasn't.  He bought a movement monitor (see my other reviews) which help tremendously.  I was able to sleep again.  THEN, we moved my son into his own room and despite the movement monitor, just not having the OPTION to visually check on my son without having to leave the room OR risk waking him by walking down the hall of our creaky house brought back sleepless nights that I thought I left long ago. THEN we got the BebeSounds and I can sleep again.  Between my wife and I, we have this thing on almost all the time.  We've had this unit for almost a year now and have more than put it through its paces.  The camera is on 24 hours a day.  Until recently, we would leave the screen unit on for hours.  We've dropped the screen unit a number of times and the unit still works: from the nightvision to the audio to the color screen.  All works as if we just bought it yesterday! ONE EXCEPTION:  the screen unit doesn't recharge the batteries anymore.  I think its perhaps more user error than manufacturing defect.  The DC in slot on the screen unit where you plug the outlet cord into is not the most robust of ports.  Our constant plug and unplugging with reckless abandoned may have caused the damaged.  Thankfully the unit uses AA rebatteries instead of some proprietary charging battery.  So as a work around, we bought an AA charger and swap out batteries as needed.  Surprisingly, we can go a week or two without having to swap out the batteries when we turn the unit on when we want to see the video instead of having it on all the time.  (I understand that doing so would prevent one to constantly hear the audio, but we have the movement monitor mentioned above on to help with the audio.  I know that setup may not work for everyone, so don't be like us, and take a little more care when you plug and unplug the screen unit.)  

Vallejo, CA


BebeSounds Portable Color Video and Sound Monitor

4.5 4