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Beautyrest Elite Mattress

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Trying to find the right mattress


Why is it so hard to pick a bed ? I will tell you there's so many out there, so im going to help you, i needed a descent bed for my spare bedroom, and believe me when i tell you , i have tried allot of them. But finally i came to the conclusion ok, A. it has to be comfortable, B. It has to be soft, or hard up to you C. Does it come with the base & frame ? D How much is it depends on your budget, honestly you do not need to be a rocket scientist, follow the abcd's list i just gave you, and it will be simple. I went with the beauty rest it had, the all abcd's and it is perfect when Company stays over there's no complaints. I hope this helps you 🤔🤔🤔




Very comfortable


I can't wait to sleep in my own bed when I'm away from home! I've owned it for 8 years and only in the past year has it started to sink in the middle, otherwise it's sturdy, comfortable and worth the price.




This bed is heaven!


I have owned one of these is a king size. When you lay in this bed don't plan on trying to do anything, it will have you relaxed and at ease in seconds. The softness of the bed is not over kill. I gives you the pillow top feel but a memory foam comfort. Be prepared to never get a new mattress after this one. I have tried and just cant let the comfort go.




Beauty Rest Elite Mattress gives me a wonderful night of sleep


I recently purchased a new Beautyrest Elite pillow top mattress. I tested many mattresses and Beautyrest was the most comfortable. It had just the right amount of comfort. I am so pleased with my purchase and I get a wonderful night of sleep. It is worth the time it takes to test mattresses, but you get the perfect mattress. Comfort The Beautyrest mattress really is comfortable. Just enough cushion with the pillow top. It is comfortable sleeping on your back, stomach or side. Support Just the right amount of support. My body conforms to the mattress. The pillow top adds just the right amount of cushion to be comfortable. Firmness Just the right amount of firmness to make comfortable for the night. I like a medium amount of firmness not too firm or too cushy. Durability I had a Beautyrest mattress before the one I bought and it lasted a long time, so I know it is a durable mattress. Beautyrest had always been a well made mattress.


Sherman Oaks, CA


Beautyrest Elite Mattress

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