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Beauty Control Skinlogics Clear Skincare set (formerly All Clear)

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beauticontrol skinlogics clear is the best!


I have fought mild to moderate acne all my life and just felt that was the way my life was going to be. I was invited to a beauticontrol spa party by a friend and started trying some of their products. The consultant gave me a sample of the All clear collection. Oh my gosh! My face was clearing the next day.No excessive dryness, my skin felt soft and touchable. I then decide to start selling the stuff myself knowing if it worked that good for me, I had to share!  I know that sounds like a BC cliche' but trust me I am not trying to sell it to you. All< I can say is if all else has failed try beauticontrol. It's guaranteed, so if you don't like it, you get our money back. It's great not to waste any more money. I would hate to think of how much I have wasted on stuff that just doesn't work or broke me out worse. I recommend it, I use it,  I love it. Try it! I am confident you will too. Look under www. beautcontrol.com

Seguin, TX


I tried it all. This is the only one that worked!


I started using BeautiControl's acne line in 2006.  (Skinlogics Clear, formerly All Clear).  I had had horrible acne since 2001, and had tried EVERYTHING on the market.  You name it, I tried it.  I ordered from every infomercial.  I tried every homeopathic remedy.  THIS is the only thing that made a difference.  THE NIGHT I first used it my skin was changed, and there has been no turning back.  I've had clear skin (besides occassional stress-related breakouts) since I started it.  It's easy, too.  There's a three step process--cleanser, toner and moisturizer.  There are other supplemental products that make it even better like the microderm abrasion, eye cream, sulfer scrub....BUT, the three steps by them selves are amazing.  I had tried other things that ALMOST did the trick.  My skin got better, but not quite to the point where I liked it.  It was less broken out, but it felt heavy.  No beauticontrol.  There's no heaviness...only freshness.  It's worth a shot for anyone who suffers from acne.  And it smells great, too!

Bellbrook, OH


Beauty Control Skinlogics Clear Skincare set (formerly All Clear)

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