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Beauty Control
Beauty Control Facewash

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This facial cleanser is great for reducing acne without drying!


I just started using the Beauty Control Facial Cleanser about 3 months ago.  I don't have horrible skin, but I do have more breakouts than most people my age.  I love love love this cleanser.  I have tried other very popular cleansers in the past, however, they dry my face out so bad I can't use them enough to get rid of the acne.  Beauty Control is the total opposite.  It doesn't dry it out at all.  In fact, I think it makes my face softer.  I use this cleaner 2 times per day  and never have a problem with peeling, soreness, flaking, redness, or any other negative effects.  It has drastically reduced my acne.  It is also starting to make some of my older scars go away too, which is a benefit that I definitely didn't expect.  I would recommend this cleanser to anyone that has sensitive skin or just wants a nice gentle cleanser.  The price is a little more expensive that some that you can find at a drugstore, however, for me it is totally worth it.

Hudsonville, MI


Beauty Control Facewash

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