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BeautiControl Skinlogics Platinum Plus Renewing Night Creme

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I could see amazing results in a week of using Beauticontrol


I started using this product when a representative gave me a sample. I love their products. I signed up to sell and the Beauticontrol Skinlogics renewing night cream was in my kit that I received when I decided to sign up as a representative. First of all I really do love their packaging. I don't where make-up very often, really almost never. I used this night cream acually in the morning after I washed my face. Then I apply lipstick. I love the texture of the cream and it does'nt have an overpowering scent. It is very light. It doesn't leave an oily look after using it. A lot of these type creams, especially night cream are very thick and you end up getting them all over your linens. I am 60 years old and have never really had bad skin but this really really makes my skin feel so soft and a very light moist look.I recommend this for everyone. I no longer sell the product but I will keep using it.

Yuma, AZ


Overnight - younger feeling skin!


I purchased this when my friend held a home party. I was looking for something that was easy to use, did not have a huge time requirement and also worked. I purchased the renewing night creme that is intended for individuals over fifty. I am not there yet, but close enough. I merely dab a tiny little bit onto the four corners of my face and rub it in before I go to bed. When I wake up in the morning my skin feels great! I have used other overnight cremes but when I get up in the morning my face has felt dry. This beauticontrol Platinum plus renewing night creme has been wonderful. At first glance it seems very expensive for such a small amount. The key to this product is to only use a little bit, but use it every night. My little jar has lasted me over six months. If you were really frugil you might get a full years worth from one of these containers. Because of the length of time it lasts, it is indeed an economical purchase.

Colorado Springs, CO


BeautiControl Renewing NIght Creme gives skin instant face lift


BeautiControl Renewing Night Creme is an ultra rich hydrating creme that makes my skin feel instantly younger by the time I awake in the morning!  It renews skin to appear more youthful and is designed for skin over 50.

Corpus Christi, TX


BeautiControl Skinlogics Platinum Plus Renewing Night Creme

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