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BeautiControl Skinlogics Corticure® Comfort Lotion with Chamomile

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beauticontrol corticure comfort lotion


This was a big disappointment. I sell Beauticontrol and I can honestly say this stuff is not worth the money! Id does nothing! No warming feeling, I don't understand really why they sell the stuff. Soem people liki it I guess, but everyone I have tried it on has the same reaction"What is it suppose to do". Beauticontrol usually has good products but this one is a bomb in my book. I think they ought to remake it or take it off there inventory. I know how much profit is made on this stuff nad this is not even close to being worth it. I would buy something from your local pharmacy to releive muscles and relax you as I believe that is what this formula is suppose to do. So, in my opinion...don't waste your money on this one. But if you decide to give it a try, remmeber the money back guarantee. You may be one that enjoys it. It just definitely isn't for me. The bath salts in the same family of fragrances is very nice, though.

Seguin, TX


BeautiControl Corticure Comfort Lotion does what it says!


BeautiControl Corticure Comfort Lotion is the best all round product I have found for ANY skin irritation.  I have been using it for years for anything from pimples, to cold sores, shaving irritation, sunburn, bug bites.....just anything that is itching or bothering your skin.  My mom has recently been using it on psoraisis and I used it this week to remove the soreness of where I had an IV in the hospital.  It just is amazing!  It literally heals overnight!  It's like a miracle!

Corpus Christi, TX


BeautiControl Skinlogics Corticure® Comfort Lotion with Chamomile

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