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BeautiControl Regeneration Extreme Repair Hand Therapy

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BeautiControl Repair Hand Therapy: Great for Dry Hands


I purchased BeautiControl's Regeneration Extreme Repair Hand Therapy along with their Instant Manicure scrub and the combination of the two is incredible. The Hand Therapy works great by itself though, and it's not just for hands: you an use it on your knees or any dry patch of skin. This is a very high quality and heavy duty product, so you only need a little bit. If I use a lot at once, it can leave my hands feeling a little bit greasy, so it's not a product that I put on right before I need to do something with my hands. It's better if you have a few minutes to sit and let it soak into your skin. Even better, putting it on your hands before going to sleep at night is a surefire way to wake up to soft, silky hands. This works so well that it's not a lotion that I put on throughout the day. Rather, I like to use it as an at-home spa treatment, or after I've done something that has dried out my skin (like washing dishes without gloves). It is a treat to use, and leaves your skin feeling luxuriously soft.



Extreme Repair Hand Therapy really does repair extremely!


First of all I would like to share my experience with this product; I love how this feels. It's not slimy or oily or geasy- it just makes your hands super soft and plus;;; It lasts through 3 hand washes without having to re apply* That's amazing! Even though it is expensive, it makes your hands look and feel great. Plus is exfoliates your skin too, and keeps them healthy. A bad thing that I don't like however is that it doesn't doesn't have a 'scent' but it smells. And the smell isn't too amazing. Kind of gross actually. But the smell doesn't last long and isn't super strong so not a huge deal. Second of all, I would like to share the experience of a close relative; My Grandmother, who is 68, bought this at a BC Spa Party I had at my house, the same night i bought it. She has always had really, really dry, peeling, cracked hands her entire adult life, and has tried everything to rid of it. She's tried professional things, extremely expensive things, and tons of others, guaranteed things and nothing works. She was amazed the other day when she told me "This fixed my hands! Completely fixed them! They are no longer dry, cracked or peeling." And they are even soft and healthy looking again now. WOW. What a product, eh?!

Goshen, IN


BeautiControl Regeneration Extreme Repair Hand Therapy is Great!


This stuff works so good. It isn't greasy at all like a alot of hand lotions, or cremes, especially repairing cremes. Also it exfoliates and is still soooo moisturizing. It moisturizes so good! I don't really appreciate the smell however. It would be better if they had it in some scents. It also has good ingredients though. It isn't completely natural but from what I have seen on the product ingredient information, a lot or most of the ingredients are of natural origin and aren't harsh chemicals. It makes your hands super soft, and it stays soft for a good time amount. It increases the blood flow to the hands, especially if you massage it for a while. Obviously. And it keeps the color in your hands, and makes them look healthy and glowing. Very youthful. The price is a lot, but other than that this is a good product. You have to pay shipping in the price which isn't the aweomest thing, but- a lot of times you get what you pay for and with this you definitely do. Great product, I will definitely be talkign about this.

Millersburg, IN


Hands like SIlk


There are many hand creams out there that work but just for a few minutes and then you have to reapply. Regeneration Extreme Repair Hand Therapy actually stays with you and keeps your hands soft and truly leaves you with a silky feeling. It actually lasts until you wash your hands again. I keep one at work and one on my night stand. My husband is an electrician and I asked him to try it and he thinks it's great. It is rather pricey but for the most part, you do get what you pay for.

Staten Island, NY


BeautiControl Extreme Hand Therapy is "ok"


This hand "therapy" is not for me.  It leaves a really greasy residue on your hands.  As well as a funky smell.  I have several dry patches on my hands and it does not seem to do a think for those, except grease them up. Save your money, buy something else.  I gave it two stars because I guess it does function as a hand lotion.  It just does not function as a good one.

Pelham, AL


BeautiControl Regeneration Extreme Repair Hand Therapy

4.0 5