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BeautiControl Platinum Regeneration Skin Renewing Serum

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No need for botox, this product takes the years off


This product actually reverses lines and wrinkles without the need for expensive treatments.  It goes on smooth and I feel like I'm getting younger and younger.  I use it with the whole beauticontrol skinlogics platinum line of face products: cleanser, toner, & moisturizer.  Check it out at

Somerset, WI


Makes you look 5-10 years younger in as little as 1 month


I have been using BeautiControl Cosmetics for the past 12 years.  I have been such a faithful client that I even became a consultant!  After many years and many new products I decided that my time to try anti-aging products had arrived.  Once I hit 30, I realized the fine lines beginning to appear around my eyes and mouth.  Once I began using Platinum Regeneration I noticed a soft, supple apperance to my skin.  This state of the art product uses alpha hydroxy acids that exfoliate dead skin cells and helps regenerate collagen production.  Since I had never experienced fine lines and wrinkles until now, I was very anxious to see the results!  At first, I felt that I had "jumped the gun" by trying this product.  After 1 month of use, I appear to my friends as "energized" and "refreshed".  To new acquaintances I appear as "25 or 26" (no longer mid-30's).  I have continued the use of this product for about 2 years and have been amazed.  It's benefit to me has been overwhelming. 

Augusta, GA


BeautiControl products do what they say they do!!!


I have the entire skin care line and use it everyday. I'm 40 years old and look like I'm 5-10 years younger. People ask what I use on my skin all the time. I used to have sagging jawls but now they are firm and tight. My crows feet are almost non-existent. I will never use anything else.

Memphis, IN


Beauticontrol platinum regeneration---wow!


This product and the show of hands was enough to make me sign up and become a consultant, as well as the company structure and earning potential!! I had tried every product over the counter and then some, most of them very expensive! Nothing was working for me, so it was time to find something that made me feel fabulous! I cannot stress how hard it is nowadays for women to pamper themselves. If you would like any Beauticontrol product today at 15% off, contact me directly! Every woman should be pampered!! Treat yourself today to the convenience of your spa at home! beauticontrolpw  

Loves Park, IL


BeautiControl Platinum Regeneration Skin Renewing Serum

5.0 4