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BeautiControl Microderm Abrasion Facial Buffer

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Great Exfoliating


I was taken to a Beauticontrol party by one of my friends. I went as a favor and ended up buying a lot of products. This Mircroderm buffer was one of my first purchases. It seemed that up to this point no matter what I used on my face, I would get some little bumps. I purchased this brush along with the cream in hopes that it would assist with the bumps as well as diminish the small lines and wrinkles I had started to notice. I love this brush, I use it al over my body to exfoliate dead skin. I use at least three to four times a week and I feel that It has really helped my overall appearance. My skin feels good and looks better. This brush uses three batteries and they seem to last forever. This is a wonderful brush and I would recommend it to anyone that wishes to diminish fine lines and wrinkles as well as have smoother heels, knees and elbows. Use with the microabrashion cream or with your own products.

Colorado Springs, CO


I love the microderm abrasion buffer!


   I really enjoy this product! They sell it with a face lift system, But I use mine to exfoliate my skin everytime I clean it. I have acne prone skin and I do use the Beauticontrol acne system and this work so great to open the pores and get the white and black heads out. And you know how bad those are. They enlarge your pores as you age and look totally gross! It ha 2 settings high and low. I would start with low until you get use to it and only use it for a minute os so until you get use to it. Don't forgrt to do your neck. Do keep away from hairline as it will reach out and grab and wrap hair up in it I have never had trouble getting my hair out, but its' something to avoid,  You will get 3 heads for his and you can buy extra for a nominal fee. So other uses could be exfoliating other dry areas and then using the buffer to work in moisturizers. My 11 year old thinks it would be a great back massager. I may let her give me a massage and let you know!

Seguin, TX


BeautiControl Microderm Abrasion Facial Buffer

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