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Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless Headphones

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You hear sounds in music you've never heard before!


The beats have an amazing bass, and block out sounds that would otherwise ruin you're listening experience! You can use them casually, or even use them to work out. The only downside is that you cant use them all day because your ears start to hurt from being pressed down after a while. There are 2 speakers in each side that are specially made for an amazing bass, and its design is stylish, sleek and just the right size to not be a discomfort, or to small. The headphones are also adjustable, in case you were worried of them not fitting. With Christmas quickly approaching, i would snag one up to gift, or keep for myself if i didn't already have a pair. They make a great gift, but don't let the price scare you, they are defiantly worth a buy, or at least a consideration. Most stores also have some on display so you can try them out before you want to purchase them. Comfort They are very comfortable but hurt your ears after listening for long periods of time.



Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless Headphones

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