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Beats by Dr. Dre Pro Headphones

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Just the beat


The Beats Pro headphones are absolutely outstanding. I got them a while back, and I have yet to find a better headphone. The beats are a must have for any DJ who wants to be popular, or any other type of human who wants to be popular. Positives: -Great music / sound quality -Long Lasting Battery -Easily folds up for portable use - Easy to use Negatives: -the cord gets detached every once in a while and it is annoying. -Does not keep the sound for your ears only if you listen to music on an iphone at as low as medium volume. Sound Quality Best for any music and video games. Comfort You could fall asleep with these on and you will have some great dreams! Design Some times the folding of them will happen at times when you do not want them to fold up, Also the batteries are hard to open if you are not used to it yet. Durability I have heard some absolute horror stores of beats getting broken/stolen when you take them on the go. Since beats are rather expensive you should be careful with them. They do some in a fancy case so that should help a ton!



The sound is like WOW!!!


Clear, loud sound from this device is undeniable, music is sharper, TV comes alive, I was using a set of wireless headphones that tended to get static with use and moving around the house, and with battery use. I got sick of the static and switched to these Dr. Dre Pro Headphones. It was like night and day. It's like sticking your finger in your ears all your life and then suddenly taking them out when you switch to these headphones. It comes in a nice box too, very attractive with microfiber cleaning cloths included an an adapter that was the perfect thing to fit my rather unusual connections. Nice bright red wires too. My only fear is that it'll get dirty and ugly with age because I tend to eat, drink, nibble while these are on (I can't seem to take them off and stop listening to things), and touch them with dirty hands. I try to save the cleaning cloth for my devices, (IPad). It also comes with a real soft and smooth pretty black cover which is so cool and nice, I'm actually afraid to use and ruin it. I know, that's stupid and doesn't make sense if I'm going to worry about the phones getting dirty. I find this model to be A+ quality. Top of the line item!!!

Brooklyn, NY


Beats by Dr. Dre Pro Headphones

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