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Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats Earbud Headphones

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Must have product!


Must have product! Music fans everywhere, if you've been looking for the next best thing in earbuds, look no further than Wireless Power Beats by Dre. Perfect for relaxation, a hard workout, or a long commute, these earbuds are for everyone. For years I've struggled with tangled chords or low quality wireless buds that were more hassle than helpful. Since investing in Wireless Power Beats by Dre I've never been more satisfied with my listening experience; I use them everywhere and for all purposes. Durability: The truly unbeatable thing about Wireless Power Beats is that there is no chord! This means no tangle, no sound disruption, and it isn't even necessary to have your phone/mp3 on your person. These earbuds are coated in a tough and flexible rubber which protects them from dirt, water, sweat, and wear and tear. After a workout I toss them in the bottom of my backpack with my sweaty shoes; the next day they are ready to go, no sweat, no dirt, no stink. They even come with up to 12 hours of battery life that doesn't drain when they are not in use! Sound Quality: Many earbuds are absolutely lacking in some aspect of sound quality. With Power Beats this is not the case. If you like to jam, don't worry! The base can be felt strongly, lyrics come through loud and clear, and volume is plenty loud. Their worth comes from the sound quality you get when purchasing these headphones. You can even take calls more clearly than ever! The new Beats REMOTETALK technology provides an unmatched experience. Comfort/Design: Choose the style that best fits you! Power Beats are sold in black, white, flash blue, siren red, and shock yellow. These fitness-style earbuds are connected by a flat cable management strip that rest behind the neck. Stabilization ear hooks fit securely and stay in place as you move. Multiple sizes of ear tips are offered to ensure ear tips stay inside the ear canal. Wireless Power Beats by Dre have been engineered to be fast charging; meaning, 5 m

Chicago, Il

Make music sound good


I just love the power beats by Dre. I had been listening to my music through cheap headphones. They fit comfortably within my ears and somehow manages to drown out outside noise while still allowing me to hear what is going on around me, even though I like to pretend I can't. You might think the price is high for them as I did but was so glad I spent the money to buy them. Any genre of music has a clean, crisp sound. The power beats also come with a hard carrying case and an extension wire so that you can make the headphone wire longer when needed. The only downside that I could find was the fact that no extended warranty could be purchased for them due tithe rules of the manufacturer. You will get a one year manufacturers warranty though. I recommend them to everyone I know. Sound Quality Wonderful crisp and clear Comfort It takes time to get used to the loop but comfortable Design Wish they came in more colors than just red Durability Very strong and come with a hard carrying case



Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats Earbud Headphones

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