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Beats by Dr. Dre
Beats by Dr. Dre Beats Mixr On Ear Headphones - Black


Beats Mixr - Headset - full size - black

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A Whole New Level to Music


Decided to splurge on these headphones since I absolutely love music. They cost a couple hundred bucks, but I must say that it was money well spent. These headphones allow you to fall deeply into your music, hearing every single drop of bass, every sigh of breath. Music is intense, and all background and outside noises are shut out so you can get lost in yourself and your music. What you will really love about these headphones, however, is the intense and deep bass that protrudes through the speakers. These headphones are perfect for fans of rap and hip hop music, as well as that with those deep bass lines. Since this is my favorite kind of music, I can dig the Beats 100% The headphones are very comfortable to wear and slip on an off with ease. They're available only in black color as of now, which I do not mind since the color is compatible with everything. The Beats by Dre headphones are well-worth every single penny that you will pay for them. Music has never sounded so amazing, and now I cannot get enough of my music.

Nashville, TN


Not necessary...


Beats Earphones do not rate all that high on my opinion scale. They definitely have a good amount of pros but there are a few things that make them a bit over the top. The first thing is that the earphones are incredibly lightweight. I liked the color and the adjustability. Being adjustable is probably one of it's best features to me. My main issue with them is the price in comparison to the quality and overall benefit. I used the earphones the most when I was taking an online college course, because there is no such thing as "quiet" in our home and I had difficulty concentrating and retaining what I had learned. I was able to effectively block out all disturbing outside noise while listening to the lectures. I will say that they work more efficiently than the cheapest versions but I have to be honest when I say there are headphones that are a fraction of the price but work just as efficiently. Unless you are a professional D.J. I'd be hard pressed to advocate the need for this type of headphone set. The cost is simply too high for their actual function.





I have always liked Beats by Dre products, but usually I stick with the cheaper end items of the brand to save money. I received the Beats by Dr. Dre Beats Mixr On-Ear Headphones for my birthday 5 months ago. These things are AWESOME. These definitely have the best sound out of all the Beats products I have owned. The bass level on these is great quality and not too overpowering. No matter what genre of music you are listening to, the sound is good. These are great for on the go because they collapse down. You can order these in just about any color you want. I have the black ones but really wanted the teal colored ones. There are two downsides of these headphones. Firstly, they are EXPENSIVE. I think my friend paid around $175 for the pair she bought me. There is no way I would pay that type of money. Secondly, the headphones fit tightly on some people. I have a smaller head so they fit me fine; however, my boyfriends head is too big for them and they hurt his head. Overall I recommend these if you have the extra cash.



Beats by Dr. Dre Beats Mixr On Ear Headphones - Black

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