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Bearpaw Toddler Girl's Emma Suede Fashion Boot - Black


Stay Cute and Comfy All Winter with theToddler Youth Emma Black Boot

This funky and functional Bearpaw Toddler Youth Emma Black Boot can take your stylish kid fromsummer to winter in comfort and style. These cushy, comfortable boots feature a sheepskin lining and cushioned foam insole for the ultimate in comfort, while the rubber traction outsole offer protection from slippery surfaces when the snow and ice are on the ground.

TheToddler Youth Emma Black Boot is a casual pull-on boot that is high in style but easy on the budget. The round toe stitching detail is super-stylish and the suede high shaft upper makes for an extremely comfortable and durable all season footwear.

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Perfect Boots for Youngsters


I bought these boots for my daughter and she absolutely loves them. She wants to wear them all the time. I love how she tells me just how comfortable these little boots are. And we get so many positive compliments from people who see us walking down the street. People are always telling me how fashionable these boots look. And they are always surprised when I tell them how inexpensive they were. I would just tell anyone out there that these wouldn't be the best boots to wear if you are in an area that is wet, like rainy or snowy. I have noticed some moisture getting through if the boot is gotten wet enough, but you could avoid this by just not going somewhere where these boots are going to get wet. Overall, this is a great pair of boots that will work much better for you in a drier climate. They are actually pretty durable as well, despite them being made mostly of suede.



Color fades


My daughter chose to buy this Bearpaw Toddler Girl's Emma Suede Fashion Boot two years back and she purchased the black colored boot and the Shearling boot which was brown in color. She wore them many times for various occasions and they fitted her perfectly. The black boot did not fit her initially and so I went to the store and got the sole adjusted and then she could wear it comfortably. She never complained about any pain or wetness in the feet which most of the shoes used to cause when she used to start wearing them. The boots come in various colors and for me the black one looked the best on her. The boots are good to wear during Winter and Spring but not during the rainy season. My daughter wore them mainly during her school holidays and when we attended any function as they looked elegant and matches her dress perfectly. However, after washing the boots regularly, I noticed that the color started fading and slowly the color changed from black to grey which made it looked old. I disposed off the shoes after a year as my daughter's feet started growing and the shoes did not fit her any longer.



Bearpaw Toddler Girl's Emma Suede Fashion Boot - Black

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