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Bear Creek Country Kitchen
Bear Creek Country Kitchen Minestrone Soup Mix

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A package of dried vegetables and seasonings for a soup base.


I have tried nearly all the Bear Creek soup mixes and they are all good. The Minestrone is a family favorite though. Everything you need is in the bag, just add water. It really couldn't be easier, I really like that it isn't too salty like some soup starters can be, Add anything you like to customize this delicious Minestrone soup or enjoy as is for a quick easy meal.




absolutely everyones favorite, at our house


what can i say? i can actually save time and money and buy this soup mix, come home, put 8 cups of water in a pot, let it boil, add the mix, turn the burner down, set the timer for 10 minutes, prepare salad, set the table. by the time im done, the soup is finished, and dinner is complete;p all of my kids, believe it or not, adore this soup. we are also a family of 6, so i am pleased with the generous amount that we get from just 1 pack of this soup mix. it goes very well with salad and rolls, and fits perfectly with my schedule. not to mention the homemade taste! it would be a bit hard to tell the difference with this brand. if you are trying this for the first time, please taste test before you serve this! ive found that a lot of their soup mixes, especially this one, may tend to have a lot of seasoning. you may want to add a bit more water, depending on how you like your salt, seasonings, etc. i love this soup a lot more then any other brands i have ever tried. im happy with it, i buy this on a regular basis, and would love to see coupons out there for this;p


Tower City, PA


Bear Creek Coup Mix


If you have not tried the Bear Creek Soup Mix then you need to get right down to the nearest store and buy a bag.  I had never heard of it but an aunt that lives in another state told me that they have a crockpot full of Bear Creek Potato Soup every time her group of ladies get together and that it was the best potato soup that she had ever had in her life.  I LOVE potato soup so I instantly started looking for the Bear Creek Brand in my town.  I could not find it at several places that I looked and was about to give up and ask my aunt to mail me some packages.  But I ran across it finally in another town near mine.  Bear Creek Soup Mix comes in many type.  I personally have tried the potato soup, the cheddar/broccoli and the tortilla soups.  All have been delicious and I look forward to trying other flavors as well.  It is so simple.  You bring 8 cups of water to a rolling boil then whisk in the powdered soup mix and simmer for 15 min. or so.  I love freezing what's left to have later on a cool day.  You can also add meat, veggies or other items to your own taste.  Love it!


Flint, TX


Bear Creek Country Kitchen Minestrone Soup Mix

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