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Beanne Extra Pearl Cream

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Get's the red out and some other colors you don't want


I have very fair skin, so this means that not only do I burn easily, but I also flush and blush easily too.  There is also that occassional red spot or even dark circles under my eyes from too many nights up late working. Sometimes I just need a little help keeping my normally not so made up face - well - made up better.  **Beanne Extra Pearl Cream **helps hide and keep hidden many things you need to. **What I like about Beanne Extra Pearl Cream:** - a little goes a long way - no scent - covers up red spots, dark circles and helps me have a smoother complexion on a hard day - makes your makeup look more matte and polished **What I don't like about Beanne Extra Pearl Cream:** - takes some work to blend it well - clogs pores and can result in acne - contains talcum powder I am lucky, I really don't need or want a whole lot of make up on my face. But when I am going for a nice, glowing, look if I use **Beanne Extra Pearl Cream** I can have a "smoother" surface in which to begin the application of my war paint.  Most of all I use it for dark circles and red spots on my face, as well as to cover up a few freckles that make their appearance.  The price is right and the coverage is good. Too bad I am not better at blending it.

Houston, TX


Beanne Extra Pearl Cream

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