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Beaba First Stage Spoon Multi-Pack Bottles & Baby Dishware

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Durable spoon


These spoons are great! They're light enough for little ones learning to use spoons, they're bite proof and sterilized easily


Good for feeding, and for baby learning to self-feed


The actual spoon is a good size for tiny mouths-my daughter is on the small size and doesn't like using bigger spoons. She's never had a problem with these. I like the longer handles. They are a good size for reaching into the larger stage 2 or 3 jars without getting hands dirty or leaving as much behind as regular table spoons do. With the longer handle, there is plenty of room for an adult hand to help guide the end as the tiny child hand holds on closer to the spoon. Having multiples is definitely handy because at least one per meal ended up on the floor. The silicone discolored slightly, which is the only reason I didn't rate them a 10.



Beaba First Stage Spoon Multi-Pack Bottles & Baby Dishware

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