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Bd Rapid Digital Thermometer

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takes your temperature in less time


no longer do I need to wait or worry that I will be gagging by the end of the minute to take my temperature.  I have always had trouble with temperature taking until this new technology came along.  no longer to I need to worry that I will be getting an acurate reading either.  I know there are even "better" ideas about how to take ones temperature now with the thermometers that just scan ones forehead and although unique in their own ways I judt don't feel like I am getting an acurate temperature by not having it in my mouth - maybe that is wrong - but I have been conditioned through the years by my doctors that you take your temperature in your mouth.  Geez, when I was a child my mother used to do it under my arm - I bet that was really inaccurate.  These kinds of digital thermometers work well for me personally and my animals too.  By the time the dog is ready to squirm away - beep beep we have temperature.  Don't worry we have 1 for the dog first aid kit and 1 for us humans.  But really it is very helpful to have this kind of technology out there for over the counter purchase. 

Pittsburgh, PA


BP Rapid Digital Thermometer is a good product.


I have used BP Rapid Digital Thermometer for a few years and am quite pleased with it.  I always had trouble reading the old fashioned mercury thermometer and was almost always unsure of the results.  I always know exactly what the temperature is with the BP Rapid Digital Thermometer as the numerals are large and very easy to read.  The thermometer comes with small disposable sleeves so as not to contaminate the part you put in your mouth and the refills are very inexpensive.  Since I live alone, I seldom have to buy them.  The one negative is that it is heavy and must be held with one's hand to keep the thermometer steady and level.  It is a small inconvenience as I would rather be able to read the temperature easily and hold the thermometer.  I would recommend that every family have a BP Rapid Digital Thermometer in their medicine cabinet.  I also recommend it for Senior Citizens whose eye sight may be fading.

Houston, TX


Bd Rapid Digital Thermometer

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