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Bayer Redoxon Effervescent Vitamin C

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Redoxon's Been a Long time cold fighter for my family


I'm not sure how long Redoxon has been around but for as long as I can remember it's been a staple against the common cold. Whenever I can feel a sniffle or cough coming on or feeling a bit under the weather, I reach for the Redoxon. Redoxon is an effervescent vitamin C tablet. Basically this means it is a tablet you dissolve in water to make a fizzy orange drink that contains a high dose of vitamin C (1000 mg). I like it for a lot of reasons 1) It delivers a high dose of vitamin C 2) it tastes great 3) My kids love the fizzy affect and it's a treat to be able to drop the tablet into the water 4) It comes in a convenient portable container. It's easy to keep in your purse so you have it with you whenever you need it or want it. Perhaps it is an old wives tale that vitamin C is good to fight a cold? I am not sure !! What I do know is that it has helped me stave off quite a few colds and I figure a good dose can't hurt. Two thumbs up to Redoxon !!

Flint, MI


Bayer Redoxon Effervescent Vitamin C

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