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Bayer Phillips Colon Health Probiotic Supplement Capsule, Healthy Immune System 30

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Works GREAT!


I have had bowel/intestinal issues for a number of years. I tried fiber supplements and all the yogurts on the market that claim they help with digestive issues. While these items did help slightly, they never fully addressed my problem. Having irritable bowel syndrome, I never knew what symptoms I would have. This made traveling a big problem, causing me to stress out, hence making the situation worse. I have been using Phillips Colon Health for 3 months and I noticed a big change in things after a week. Directions are to take one every day with a meal. Phillips Colon Health works great for me and I have already reccommended this product to everyone I know.

Harrisonburg, VA


Phillips Colon Health Works better than other supplements


I have suffered from irregular digestion my whole life. I finally decided to give this supplement a try in an effort to relieve my continual symptoms. I was amazed at how quickly this supplement began to provide relief and regularity. It was easy to take (when I remembered...I constantly forget to take supplements, when I didn't take I noticed symptoms again). When I ran out, I did not buy more because it is on the expensive side, and opted for a different supplement. I began taking generic probiotic acidophilus. I haven't noticed impressive result with this supplement as compared with Phillips colon health. I plan to begin Phillips colon health once again when I run out of my current supplements. I think Phillips colon health is very effective and worth the money for the comfort that this medicine provides. I am glad that I have found out about probiotics and how healthy they can make you feel.

Deltona, FL


Phillips colon health gets things going


I have been taking Phillips Colon Health Probiotic Supplements for the past few weeks.  I noticed a difference after 2 days. As someone who has suffered from digestive issues, including consitpation and frequent diaharrea, I was looking for something that would help even out my system.  Something that would help calm everything down.  After some research I believed probiotics would greatly help my situation.  I do not like yogurt, so those that claim to regulate things were just too nasty to stomach. We live in a small town so my choices are very limited.  My local stores did carry the Phillips brand so I decided to try it. I found my body reacting to the probiotic and the constipation I was experiencing was quickly relieved.  I also noticed a great decrease in my gas production.  I have found that, for my body, taking the Phillips Colon Health Priobiotic Supplements every other day is much more effective than taking one each day.

Nacogdoches, TX


Bayer Phillips Colon Health Probiotic Supplement Capsule, Healthy Immune System 30

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