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Bausch + Lomb
Bausch + Lomb Alaway Allergy Eye Itch Relief Drops

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Alaway Eye Itch Relief!!


I  have been diagnosed with "Dry Eyes".  One of the symptoms of Dry Eyes is that they water a lot.  Not all the time but just certain times.  I have a medication that the doctor gave me for this condition. A few weeks ago my eyes were red and itchy.  When I would get up in the morning my eyes would be matted and  itchy.  I decided to try Alaway as it advertised that it was an anthistamine eye drops.  It was originally prescription strength and was suppose to last up to 12 hours.  I figured I must be allergic to something so I decided to give Alaway a try since it says it is a temporary relief of itchy eyes. The first time I tried it, there was a mild sting but it did seem to work and it lasted a long time, maybe not the full 12 hours but a long time.  I used this product for a few days and my eyes did feel much better.  I used a Manufacturers Cash Off coupons on this product when I purchased it so it was very reasonably priced. 

Summerville, GA


I thought I had an eye infection, but Alaway cleared up my eyes!


I recently had a terrible cold with a sinus infection. With that, I also had runny, itchy, matted eyes in the morning. Imagine my frustration!! It was of course over the weekend and my eye doctor was closed. I remembered that a friend had once told me about Alaway Eye Itch Relief Drops. She said that the drops helped her husband when his eyes were runny due to allergies. Since it was the weekend, and they were over the counter drops, I thought I'd give them a try. I read the box which said they were an antihistamine and could be used every 12 hours. I used them as soon as I got home and the drops had a slight sting when they went in. It actually felt good (like saline in your eyes). Within minutes my eyes felt soothed. My eyes stopped running and the redness cleared up for the most part. This continued for the rest of the weekend and I used them once a day. My eyes did feel dry at night and while I slept, but my eyes tend to feel dry. Monday I went to the doctor and told him what I had used. He was encouraging and said if it had been an eye infection, my eyes probably would not have responded so well. I really like Alaway Eye drops! I would definitely recommend going to your doctor first. If your doctor mentions an antihistamine eye drop, this is a wonderful product!

Oviedo, FL


I can see clearly now.


Reading is one of my favorite things.  I can't imagine living without a good book to look forward to when I have leisure time.  Then the print started blurring and reading was difficult after a short time.  I like spending hours with a good book.  I was upset and scheduled an eye appointment.  After testing my optometrist said my glasses were fine, and he thought it might be dry eye that causing my problem.  He gave me a sample of Alaway, told me to use it before I started to read, then about every half hour use it again, until my vision stopped blurring.  I was very skeptical, but I would do anything to go back to reading undisturbed.  It worked.  I have been using it over a year, and I thanked my optometrist for finding the problem when I returned for my annual appointment.  I should not have been surprised.  Diabetes seems to lead to drying of all parts of the body; so I should have expected it in my eyes, too.

Charleston, WV


Bausch + Lomb Alaway Allergy Eye Itch Relief Drops

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