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Battle Creek
Battle Creek Thermophore Heat Pad

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best heating pad out there!!


our massage therapist recommended this battle creak thermophore heating pad to my wife and i due to our lower back and shoulder issues. this heating pad differs from other heating pads in that it uses moisture from the air to generate its heat thereby providing a moist heat rather than a dry heat when being used. this gives a more intense heat on the body part you are having pain with and definitely helps more than any other conventional heating pad we have ever used. this comes in different sizes - we have the bigger one shown in the picture but it also comes in a smaller one that can be easily placed across shoulders only or used to wrap around a knee or arm. i give this the high 5 rating because we use this heating pad every day. we have owned it for several years and it is still working great.

Stone Mountain, GA


great moist heating pad


I suffer from Occipital Neuralgia, and after my occipital nerve decompression surgery, my physical therapist told me to use moist heat on my neck and shoulders. I purchased the small Thermophore heat pad to wrap around my neck and have been very satisfied with it. The greatest advantage of this heating pad is that it delivers moist heat electronically; you don't have to keep getting up and rewarming your heat pack in the microwave or wrap a regular electric heating pad in damp cloth. The Thermophore draws humidity from the surrounding air to deliver moist heat. I've read that you can purchase these with or without digital controls, but I could only find the small pack with the regular control (a binary on-off switch that you have to hold down the entire time you want it on). I don't mind having to hold the switch down too much, as I use the palm of my hand, rather than fingers, to keep it held down. Because the switch is binary, you can't set the temperature. You keep it on until it gets too hot and then release the switch until it cools down too much and repeat. Thermophore is pretty expensive, but if you need moist heat regularly, it's probably worth it.

Houston, TX


MOIST HEAT PAD Battle Creek better than Prescription Pain Meds


***Hello to everyone that may have any type of Muscle, Joint or Bone pain.I can tell you without any doubt this is the best and most durable heat pack youwill ever see on the market.I had polio during the 1954 epidemic and continue to have muscle spasms and joint pain even more so now that I have Arthritis.MOIST HEAT is the best type of heating packs and Battle Creek is the only pad I know of that delivers instant moist heat without the danger of the little water tank or using wet towels. During a Hospital stay at President Roosevelt's "Little White House" in Warm Springs,Georgia a nurse told me the story of Roosevelt's Private Nurse using moist heat,having to use steaming hot wet towels to give the President Pain relief withoutdrugs.. ******Other than warm water therapy pools it was the only pain relief for the president. Physical Therapist use them too.As for me I tried all sorts of physician prescribed pain medications., massage and whirlpool treatments.The Battle Creek Pad saved me from having to use the addicting and harmful drugsfor the pain and Arthritis. Most Health Insurance Companies will cover part of the cost which should tell youthey are very effective and safer than drugs.They come in many sizes and cost more that the average heat pad but are well worththe few extra bucks. My BattleCreek pad has saved me lots of money over the years.I treat myself to a new one about every five years or more and I use it EVERYDAY !********* *** ***

Deland, FL


Battle Creek Thermophore Heat Pad

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