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Bath and Body Works
Bath and Body Works Bath and Body Works Apricot Vanilla Body Mist

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Fresh and fruity. I like it a lot!


I bought this body spray because I wanted something totally different, and I definitely got it. It's cool on my skin and deeply refreshing. At first, I smell the smooth swetness of the vanilla, but what lingers on my skin is the aroma of apricots, which is quite convincing and nicely done. For me, this is a Spring and Summer fragrance, and I use it after my bath for a playful and fun scent.



Bath and Body Works Apricot Vanilla Fragrance Mist


While shopping at Bath and Body Works I noticed there was a new product scent in the Vanilla Line. Last year I got hooked on the Vanilla Lemon and Vanilla Coconut. Sitting there on the shelf I found Apricot Vanilla Frangrance Mist. I sprayed the sample and fell in love with the scent. The apricot with the vanilla makes for a subtle scent without being over-powering. I really like the frangrance mist. It doesn't leave any type of film or greasy feeling on your skin. It is light and the scent lasts for a few hours before having to reapply the fragrance mist. This is going to be a perfect addition to my must haves for my Spring and Summer scent collection. The apricot is not too strong so it doesn't make the scent too sweet. so if you love vanilla and would like to take it up a notch then this new scent may be for you. It comes in an 8 oz size and also in a 3 oz. The 3 oz. size is approved for airline carry-ons.

Jacksonville, FL


Bath and Body Works Bath and Body Works Apricot Vanilla Body Mist

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