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Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works Warm Chestnut Cheer Anti-bacterial Hand Soap

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Bring this Scent BACK!!!!


Bath and Body Works Warm Chestnut Cheer is a really rare find. I was lucky enough to purchase a couple bottles of this a few years ago, and I fell in LOVE with this scent. BY far my favorite holiday scent, ever. And then, they took it away. They sold it for about one year and then never again. It was warm, nutty, a little spicy, and totally smelled like Christmas. After Christmas was over I had a small amount left in the bottom of my bottle, and I stored this in my cupboard for YEARS just so I could go back and smell this wonderful fragrance from time to time. Yes, i loved this soap THAT much. Now come on, Bath and Body works - BRING IT BACK! Okay, so love for the scent aside, it's a great soap. I love the antibacterial soaps from Bath and Body Works - they do a great job of keeping your hands clean. The soap is actually a gel mixed with a little bit of scrub/grit to give you that deep-down clean. This is hands down one of the best soaps I have ever purchased from Bath and Body Works - and I buy a LOT. Now, they just need to bring it back! To summarize, this soap is amazing! If you find some, you are lucky!



My doctor warned me against this stuff.


First, this stuff does smell fantastic, I'll give it that. But most of Bath & Body Works' stuff does smell good, if not a little too powerful. I didn't really have a problem with this until my doctor happened to mention to stay away from anti-bacterial soaps, especially hand ones. I told her I had a couple of Bath & Body Work's soaps, in particular this warm chestnut cheer kind, and she said it kills the good bacteria along with the bad and it also gets in our water systems and harms it. Yikes! Disappointing since this one looks so lovely out for the holidays and the smell is reminiscent of Christmas time. It wasn't all that expensive, but was pricier than other soaps I've purchased. I can't say this stuff goes a long ways either. I had used mine up pretty fast. In the end, a good scrubbing of your hands together under the water is more effective and safer than this chestnut Bath & Body soap. Scent Whatever makes this stuff smell so good is actually not good for us.



Love it!


Just purchased the Holiday Vanilla bean noel anti-bacterial moisturizing hand soap. What can i say i love it. Nice scent.  Love the moisturizing hand soap i can't wait to get out and purchase some more of it to keep on hand and give out to friends over the Holidays. Great product!!!

Honey Brook, PA


Bath & Body Works Warm Chestnut Cheer Anti-bacterial Hand Soap

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