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Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Hold It Right There After-Sun Tan Extender

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Hold It Right There takes away the burn, leaving a nice tan.


I get burned, a lot. Last weekend I went to the park and didn't wear sunscreen because it's April - who gets burned in April? Well, it was 75 degrees, so I got burned. This was probably one of the worst burns of my life. My shoulders and chest were achy for days. As soon as I realized I was burned, I put Hold It Right There on my burn every few hours. After the first application the contanstant sting was relieved. The next day the bright red was reduced and wasn't as bad. It still hurt, but not too badly. Every day I've applied Hold It Right There twice a day - once in the morning and once at night. It's helped turn my sun burn into a tan and has helped keep my skin moisturized so that it wouldn't peel. I am very happy with with Hold It Right There. I use to use any Aloe product which would leave me feeling sticky and always had a weird funky smell to it. But Hold It Right There rubs in like lotion, so you don't feel sticky or greasy. The smell is light and reminds me of a beach. I highly recommend this product to everyone. It works great for extending the life of a tan (not just for burns). My fiance uses it when he tans (lucky him) and it makes his tan last at least a week or two longer than it would if he didn't do anything.

Salt Lake City, UT


If Loving A Tan Is Wong I Don't Want To Be Right


I admit it, I like a tan. And I have dozens of moisturizers.  When we head to the beach I like to take a moisturizer that will saturate my skin and not feel slick or sticky.  I wear SPF (no less than 30), but I still get color.  In nice weather I take my run off the treadmill and to the streets.  I don't want that leathery, tough looking, glow in the dark skin that overtanning results in so a combination of caution and moisturizing is necessary.  And after I shower I want my skin to glow, feel soft and supple.  This product did the job. It does have a tropcial scent, but it is light.  You won't feel like a pina colada in drag.  It absorbed quickly and did not leave a gummy residue.  I had to hide it from my daughter.  Enough said.  I Bath and Body Works will repeat this gem next summer.  They have a tendency to reformulate their summer products every year which leaves though of us with favorites scrambling.

Potomac, MD


Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Hold It Right There After-Sun Tan Extender

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