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Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works Signature Vanillas Collection Body Spray

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Absolutely love these sprays


I decided to check out the recent "Hello Yellow" sale at Bath and Body Works, and I'm glad that I did. I hadn't been in there recently before this sale. When I went in I found the Bath and Body Works Signature Vanillas collection, particularly the body sprays. Let me just say that I am now in love. My favorite of the collection is the lemon vanilla, but as it turns out, it is the only one out of the set that is being discontinued. Unfortunately. I also bought the berry vanilla body spray and I love it too. It smells a lot like strawberries. Very fresh and fruity. The newest one that I got is the apricot vanilla. It smells very nice as well. There is one more in this collection, coconut vanilla, but I haven't tried that scent. I love all of the sprays that I bought, and would recommend trying them out if you are into the fruity scented body sprays. Once I sprayed them on, they lasted for the majority of the day without having to reapply. Not only are they nice for now, they will be great spring/ summer scents as well.

Armagh, PA


Bath & Body Works Signature Vanillas Collection Body Spray

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