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Fragrance Mist
Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works P.S. I Love You Travel-Size Fragrance Mist

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P.S. I Lov e You is Amazing!


I got this body spray when my husband took me shopping a few months ago. I was pregnant at the time and looking for a new fragrance that would make me feel sexy after the baby was born. I did not want anything too strong that would be irritating, but I also did not want anything fruity, as fruity scents tend to feel a bit juvenile to me. This was the perfect solution and this little bottle is just the right size to keep in my purse. The fragrance is floral but not too musky. I always feel alluring when I wear this!


Concord, NC


Bath & Body Works P.S I Love You great smell.


If you want a fantastic experience, visit aBath & Body Works store. hen you walk through the door the lovely frangrances greet you. I always stop in when I am at the mall. I love to try the test bootles of fragrances, especially the new fragrances. I found one recently that is called P.S. I Love You. I thought to myself I definitely do love you. The scent is lovely and it stays with you throughout the whole day. I love the body mist. I spray it on and rub it in and Wow! I love to shop at Bath & Body when they have their frequent sales. The bargains are plenty and the products are very reasonable in price. I would most definitely recommend Bath & Body Works P.S. I Love you body mist to anyone looking for a new fragrace.


Mount Wolf, PA


B&BW P.S. I Love You- take it with you


The Bath & Body Works P.S. I Love You Travel-Size Fragrance Mist is worth taking with you in your purse or when you travel. First, it is small enough to go through security at airports, which is tough these days. That way you have an on-the-go fragrance that people will definitely comment on when you wear it. The smell of this fragrance is relatively soft and not overpowering which I really appreciate (and others around you will, too). It is the kind of fragrance that lingers but does not scream out. It has a bit of a seductive smell that my husband seems to really like. Generally putting a little in the cleavage area, a little behind my ears, and a little on my neck is enough to stay with me all day. I have not found the need to include it anywhere else on my body as the fragrance seems to eminate from the areas I do put it on. I have received a number of compliments on B&BW's P.S. I Love You.


Austin, TX


Fresh and Floral Fragrance Mist


Bath and Body Works P.S. I love you Travel Size Fragrance Mist is the perfect companion for your purse or luggage. I generally prefer fruity florals, and this fragrance did not disappoint. The top notes are flowers, such as peony, rose, and lychee, but what makes it unique is the touch of white citrus. All in all it is a very pretty overall effect, and I get positive comments every time I wear it. Also, I'm so glad that they put this fragrance into a smaller size bottle because I have an 18 month old and I usually forget to put on perfume before I leave the house. This bottle doesn't take up too much room so I can spray on a little while I'm on-the-go. My only advice is to use it with a light hand or its too overpowering.


Abilene, TX


Bath and Body Works P.S. I Love You Fragrance Mist Smells Good


I purchased this product and it smells so wonderful and clean. I have purchased several more of these to hand out to family so that they can try and see if they like it. I like that it is not over powering and it stays on for awhile but may need to be refreshen to keep the smell going. I have very sensitive skin but this does not harm or cause any trouble for my skin so I like that. I like how it makes me feel sexy and sensal. It is a very light and a bit exotic. I hope that they come out with some different fragrances that can compare to this one because it is worth the money that is spent on it. It does not cost alot to purchase this and can be found in many places but may have a small qaunity of the product. I have not found anything wrong with this product and no side effects from putting it on my skin. I would recommend it to all women that want to smell good and feel sexy throughout the day.


Memphis, TN


permanent member of my travel kit


I absolutely love the travel size fragrance and buy them over and over again. They are easy to fit, refreshing and body friendly and biggest of all pocket firendly. Special thanks to bath and body works for making these products that fot into a middle class budget. I love every single fragrance made by them. They are a permanent part of my life.


Long Beach, CA


Mmmm such a lovely experience to smell like this!


I first discovered this scent at a friend's house, and I fell in love with it.  I would put it on any chance I got, and eventually bought some of my own.  I couldn't afford to get anything big, so I bought the little travel size spray along with gel and lotion on sale.  I was so happy with it. ^_^  My boyfriend likes it too, so he bought me the bigger versions of the mist, lotion, and shower gel for my birthday.  This scent already has a bunch of memories for me.  I wear it both outside the house, and when I'm all alone.  I really hope it never goes out of style at Bath and Body Works!


Tampa, FL


PS I Love You is a soft, fresh, and feminine scent.


I really love Bath & Body Works body splash! It's always lovely, and the PS I Love You scent is really nice. It's soft, fresh, and feminine. It's a light scent, not overpowering, and I just really like it. It's got enough different stuff in it to be abstract and not make you smell like any one particular thing (as a few of the BBW fragrances do), and it's very nice. I'd definitely recommend it! 


Asheville, NC


Bath and Body Works: You'll Love PS I Love You


Bath and Body Works PS I Love You is a fresh, feminine way to keep someone wanting more.  The subtle blend of seductive scents is light and yet lingers in a very alluring way.  I invested in the travel size shower gel, lotion and fragrance spray to layer this yummy scent for maximum impact. I visited the Bath and Body Works website to find out what elements created this absolutely original and irresistible fragrance.  I discovered some of my favorite fragrances were incorporated into PS I Love You including: - Fragrance Top Notes: Fresh Citrus, Lychee, Peony, Yellow Rose, Sparkling Riesling - Fragrance Mid Notes: Scarlet Velvet Rose, Orchid, Purple Lilies, Jasmine, Hypnotic Incense - Fragrance Base Notes: Creamy Sandalwood, Patchouli, Golden Amber, Musk This hypnotic fragrance is perfect for summer days or winter nights with its versatile base notes and refreshing top notes.  The mid notes cling to the air for that special something that makes everyone want to get a little closer.  Whether you want to feel good yourself or be more attractive to that special someone, PS I Love You spreads the love in a fragrant way.


Long Island City, NY


P.S, I don't love you, too much that is.


I am going to be completely honest here.  I really disliked this scent at first.  I mean really disliked.  To me this very much reminded me of Shower to Shower powder.  Which yes isn't a bad scent at all, but as a perfume?  I didn't quite enjoy it honestly.  In fact at first I felt like this was one of THE worst scents to come out of Bath and Body Works in quite some time.  However, I had met a friend at the gym, and they raved about the rose scent to it.  Rose?  I hadn't remembered that myself but it made me come home and give this scent another try.  Once it lingers on the arm you begin to smell the different layers to the scent itself and yes it can smell nice.  It is a clean smell above all.  Honestly it still smells very much like Shower to Shower body powder, but if you want to hop out of the shower and put something on that just continues the clean scent, then this is a good choice.  I like this scent, I just don't love it.  There are so many other appealing choices at Bath and Body Works, other than this scent.  So yes, P.S, I don't love you all that much after all.  I just kind of like you.


Fairborn, OH


Bath & Body Works P.S. I Love You Travel-Size Fragrance Mist

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