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Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path Shampoo

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I really like the scent of this shampoo, as it is true to the moonlight path fragrance (some of the other shampoos, and especially conditioners, can smell pretty off from the lotions of the same fragrance). I like that moonlight path is one of Bath and Body Works' more subtle and less overwhelming scents. I find that this shampoo, more than the ofther fragrances I have tried, keeps my hair subtely scented throughout the day. I love getting a little whiff of moonlight path throughout the day. I use the volumizing shampoo (I have not tried the moisturizing one) and find that, to my relief, it does not particularly volumize anything (I was afraid of crazy, poofed up hair, but I received this shampoo as a gift, so I gave it a try, despite my reservations). I do find, however, that my scalp gets a bit dry after several washes, so I supplement with Pantene. Also, I find that if I miss a day of washing, this shampoo does not give me the same quality of clean feeling the next time I wash, unlike Pantene, for example, which always makes my hair feel clean, no matter how long between washes.

Houston, TX


Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path Shampoo

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