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Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works MoonLight Path Body Lotion (Pleasures)

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I have been using Bath and Body Works MoonLight Path body lotion for at least 7 years on my whole body.  When I put it on before I go to sleep, I have the best results.  In the morning, my skin smells amazing.  Although my skin feels soft, it does not feel as soft as when I use my Jergens Overnight Repairing lotion (which I'm hooked on).  The scent smells VERY fresh and clean.  When I initially put it on, I wasn't crazy about it because it smelled a little like baby powder, but after it's been on for a while (after it dries), it smells great.  It has a great consistency, and it's not greasy (a big plus).  The same scent in the body cream, however, is too thick and a little greasy in my opinion.  I recommend using this before bed to have excellent fresh/clean smelling skin when you wake up in the morning.  As an added plus, your sheets will smell great as well!  The only negative is that the scent on your skin will not last all day :( I find myself reapplying the lotion throughout the day to keep my skin hydrated and smelling good.

Houston, TX


Moonlight Path is a great scent and the lotion is awesome!


The Moonlight Path scent is great! It's light and really nice. The bottle design is cool, and this is affordable lotion, too. It does an awesome job of moisturizing, and feels really nice, not too greasy, on my skin. I'd definitely recommend it! 

Asheville, NC


smells good


I've never personally used this product, but I have a friend who does and it smells so good! As soon as I run out of Bath and Body works products that I already have, I'm definitely going to buy this product for myself.

Maumee, OH


LOVE it!


I LOVE MOONLIGHT PATH! Before Bath and Body Works came out with the new collection, I had an old bottle with the old design. In my opinion the old lotion smells different from the new one - the new Moonlight Path is a little spicier smelling. But I still love it. Very moisturizing and the smell is not too overpowering or overwhelming. It's a light lavender smell that unlike a lot of B&BW's products, doesn't smell like stinky flowers.

Fountain Valley, CA


Bath & Body Works MoonLight Path Body Lotion (Pleasures)

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