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Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works Instant Aromatherapy Sound Sleep Roll On

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A Great effective sleep aid.


From time to time, I am troubled by lack of sleep, but **NO MORE**. I have found something to take care of those times when I cannot fall asleep. While on Ebay looking for another item, I found the above item that I am reviewing about. One of the best kept little secrets is that for the most part, they work; not only in Sound Sleep, But Headache(which I'll review after this),Stress Relief, Optimism, among others. because I have problems with missing sleep, I decided to get the set promoting sound sleep. I ordered two of the Sound Sleep and Im going to tell you how it works. One night when I kept gettng interrupted by the phone, and it disturbed my sleep, fortunately, I was able to use the Sound Sleep on this occasion, and you know, in little time, I was gone to sleep. In my heart, I kind of wish Michael Jackson used this to help with his sleeplessness instead of all those drugs. I was so impressed with these, that I have two, and though I dont use it as much lately, it is there when I have restless sleep. I also recommend the B&BW Black Chamomile Sleep lotion, body wash and pillow mist wihich are also great in helping you get to sleep altohough I highly recommend that you buy this in bulk once you see it because that line is about to go extinct. However, no matter what, Ebay have them in bulk as well as the Bath and Body Works website.

Mobile, AL


Bath & Body Works Instant Aromatherapy Sound Sleep Roll On

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