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Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works Dark Kiss Sensual Shimmer Body Mist

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Dark Kiss Sensual Shimmer Body Mist is amazing!!!!


I love Bath n Body works and this is the reason why! Not only do they have amazing scents, like Dark Kiss, but they have unique and amazing products like their shimmers and mists. Yes, you can get body shimmer sprays, that are scented lots and lots of places, like even at Wal Mart. But you can not get a Shimmer Body Mist like this anywhere BUT at Bath n Body works. They had a Sensual Amber Shimmer Hair and Body Spray a few years back for the Holiday season. It was about 5 years ago. And that was my favorite ever! It made your hair sparkle like no other! But they only had it that one year, and then I came across this... which is almost as good! It doesn't have quite the shimmer power that my other one had, but it is still as amazing. Dark Kiss and Sensual Amber are by far my favorite scents at Bath n Body Works. And if you like the sensual, muskier, deeper and darker scents like I do, you probably like those scents too. I love the smell of this- obviously- and it application is so simple. Just squirt and go! In one step, you can smell amazing, sparkle like the stars, and feel fantastic! Just squirt it on, and it will last all day long, the scent and the shimmer. I love how in direct light this really shows, and people will compliment you when you're wearing this on your 'bodies shimmer and glow'. I love this product- not one complaint! (even though it is fairly pricey! It's worth the extra bucks!

Manitowoc, WI


Bath & Body Works Dark Kiss Sensual Shimmer Body Mist

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