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Body Mist
Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works Black Amethyst Body Mist

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Black Amethyst scent is Amazing!!


One of my favorite stores to go to if I have extra money to splurge is Bath and Body Works. Their products are just so amazing and it is hard to go into that store and not spend any money. This fragrance I bought this winter and it is just wonderful. I highly recommend this scent, it is very unique from others that I have tried. I find that it is best to apply Bath and Body Works shower right after you dry off from a shower, and also right before bed. I find that this helps your skin stay hydrated. I wear a lot of skirts often and when I have lotion on my legs my husband will often comment at how wonderful I smell. Ladies I highly recommend using this lotion if you want to make your hubby happy hehe!! I have found that if I use the lotion every single day, a bottle can last a month to two months, depending on how liberal you are with using it. Best to get them during their stock up sales where prices are great.


Broken Arrow, OK


Black Amethyst just not the scent for me


I recently chose a Black Amethyst scented lotion, body wash, and body mist travel size sample set from Bath and Body Works to try out for the first time as part of a monthly promotion. It smelled so good in the store, I couldn't resist. However, when I used it the first time for an entire I day, I was completely disappointed by the way it actually smelled on me. I used the lotion before bed the night before, and it still smelled fine in the morning. That same morning, I applied the body spray mist before going to work, and an hour later I was still able to smell it, but it was just not pleasant. I think it's just one of those things where the body mist formula must not have a positive reaction with the chemical make-up of my skin, so others might be able to wear it without any problems. By the end of the day, I was totally looking forward to going home and having a shower, because I could still smell the spray & it didn't get any better. The good news is that I didn't have to spend any money, as it was a sample. I wouldn't tell anyone not to give it a try, but I would highly recommend starting with a smaller travel size first, just in case you end up realizing (like me) that it might smell better on a card than on you.


Lindsborg, KS


Bath and Body Works Black Amethyst body mist has a unique aroma.


I like to spray on a body mist every morning. I find that Bath & Body Works has a great and varied selection of body mist scents. So that when I go to the Bath & Body Works store I like to sample many of the scents, especially the newer ones. One that I sampled recently was Black Amethyst. I still am not sure whether or not I like it. But I did buy a bottle. It has a unique scent. I really cannot describe what it smells like but it kind of grows on you. I have gotten lots of compliments on how good I smell when I am wearing it so I guess that is why I keep using it. When Bath & Body Works has one of their frequent sales it is very inexpensive compared to other mists. It is not my favorite but I do like it more the longer I use it. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a very unique fragrance. And, hopefully,  you will get to enjoy the compliments when you are wearing it out in public.


Mount Wolf, PA


Bath & Body Works Black Amethyst Body mist is just so so...


Bath and Body Works Black Amethyst Body Mist is just so so.  I say that because of the smell of it. The smell is intriguing and quite unique, but in an odd smelling way.  It is hard for me to describe it, but if I had to describe it, the scent is wild and strong smelling.  It smells a little like a wild forest that is full of fruity flowers.  It smells a little like wood too.  I know that's a very odd description of the scent, but like I said, the scent is odd.  This scent does stay with you for quite awhile; I'd say about three hours, and after that it gently fades.   Anyway, if you like different, you just might like this a lot.   The scent is rich too, almost too rich.  I like the spray bottle it comes in and the design on it as well.  The size is generous and will last you a very long time.  This stuff is perfect to use in warm or hot weather because when it sprays, it sprays in a cool fashion.  The price of Bath and Body Works Black Amethyst Body Mist is fair because of how long it will last, and what you will be getting.  I give this product "3 STARS" as previously stated, and if I were rating this on a scale of "1-10", I'd have to give it a "5.5".


Stockton, CA


I liked it at first but now it does not smell all that good.


I personally do not care for this scent anymore.  I initially bought it for myself and as a gift for a friend and thought it smelled wonderful at the store.  I now have it at home and I hardly ever reach for it to wear it.  I wonder if my friend liked hers and is still wearing it.


Indianapolis, IN


Interesting and captivating


There are very few fragrances that I choose to wear and this is one of my favorites. A long time shopper of Bath and Body Works products, I had always like the run of the mill scents: vanilla, apple, etc.  Those scents were (and still are) very nice, but I was looking for something new and different.  The new line that they came out with, their signature line, offered many different and unique scents including musks and a few other darker scents. I tried the Black Amethyst on as a sample, then left the store to shop in the mall. I could not smelling where I had sprayed the body mist...it was one of the nicest scents I had ever tried. I stopped back in the store before I left for the day and bought two body sprays, a lotion, and one of the actualy Eau de Toilette bottles. To this day, each time that I wear the fragrance, I get compliments and as where I got it. I hope that this is one scent that they have around for quite awhile!


Germantown, MD


Bath & Body Works Black Amethyst Body Mist

3.5 6