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Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Glow and Steady

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Decent self tanner, a little hard to apply


I bought this in a combination package for beach products from Bath and Body Works. I first was not sure if I would even use a self tanner, but eventually got up the nerve to try it. I am very pale naturally, and have quite a few freckles. I was not sure how to apply this without making me look unnaturally orange or striped. I should have read the tips section on the website before I applied it the first time, but I didn't. The tips section says to exfoliate lightly before applying and I can see why. When I used it the first time I didn't exfoliate and I ended up with patches of the self tanner color wearing off when my skin brushed against anything (pants, shower, etc). The second time I used it I exfoliated first and found it much easier to apply. It didn't get as streaky or splotchy. Ease of Application You really really need to exfoliate before you use this. Scent This doesn't smell as bad as some other self tanners, but it doesn't really smell great either. Sort of a generic fragrance.




The best self tanner I've ever used!


I am a fair skin, freckled woman.  When I try to tan naturally I just burn and freckle.  I have used at least 5 different self tanners with less than natural results.  Some smell funny.  Some streak and some give a orange dirty look. I tried Bath & Body Works Bronze Bombshell line this summer.  The Glow and Steady moisturizes and has an SPF of 15. But best of all I have a natural beautiful tan glow to my skin.  Wonderful!!!!


Amelia Court House, VA


Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Glow and Steady

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