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Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Clean Karma Body Wash

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Great name and good body wash!


I love bath and body works! I especially love when they get new brands/products! When they came out with the True Blue Spa brand, I was excited to try it. The True Blue Spa brand sounded like it was more for pampering, which I liked. I especially love the name of this product, "Clean Karma!" It really goes with this brand whose saying it "Far East Escape."! This body wash smells really good! It has a really light and clean scent that I really like. This product also has crushed lychee and bamboo in it for an exfoliant. Honestly, I would not grab this product if I wanted to exfoliate though because the lychee and bamboo are few and far between and I like to use really grainy scrubs to exfoliate. But I do really like this product as a body wash! I'm not sure if bath and body works still carries this product, but if it does I would recommend it if you like the scent. It is definitely worth a try!  


Minneapolis, MN


True Blue Spa Clean Karma brings you good Karma if you use it!


Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Clean Karma Body Wash is a very delightful body wash indeed.  I really do think that True Blue Spa Clean Karma brings you good Karma if you use it!  I say that because it works quite well in a very fascinating way.  This body wash is the first body wash that I found to be marvelous to use.   I say that because the texture is unique and it smells amazing.  The scent is sweet and not too strong.  Maybe that's because this product has "crushed lychee & bamboo" in it.  It will exhilarate you because it exfoliates your body in a gentle way, leaving your skin feeling clean and smooth.  It doesn't exfoliate in a harsh way like some exfoliators do.   True Blue Spa seems to know their stuff when it comes to making skin care.  I really like the container that it comes in, mainly because of the design on its landscaping.   I also love the fact that it comes in a nice size.  The size I have is "7 fl oz.", so it will last awhile.  I also love the fact that you can use this product daily because it is so gentle.  Although I enjoy this product, one drawback is that it does not lather very well, unless you use a lot.  Another drawback is that it can be a bit pricey.  Despite the drawbacks I'd give this product a try, you just might like or love it.


Stockton, CA


Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Clean Karma Body Wash

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