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Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Creamy Body Scrub - Bali Mango

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Does wonders for rough skin, and scent is great!


I tried this because I wanted a scrub for rough patches on my feet. and patchy areas on my face where I break out once in a while. I use it as a skin smoothener and debridant, and it makes a big difference. Effectiveness There are areas on my heels and the sides of my great toes where calluses build up, and this makes those spots feel much softer. I scrub briskly, and it doesn't hurt my skin at all, so I think it would be all right for more sensitive skin too. When I use this on my face, it leaves my skin very soft and helps me remove hard whiteheads and patchy areas. Scent This I like quite a bit. Once the tropical spices subside, I'm left with the mango scent lingering, and it's very nicely done.




BBW's Bali Mango Creamy Body Scrub smells and works great!


***Quick View: ***It was time for some new spring bath and body products and I decided to try BBW's Bali Mango products to start. This scrub is really good. It smells delicious and is really scrubby. Bath & Body Works needs to make more scrubs! That seems to be the one product that they lack and, if this one is any indication of the quality, I will love them all! ***My Take on Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Creamy Body Scrub - Bali Mango*** This scrub comes in a decorative 8 ounce tube. It is white and smells just like mangoes with a touch of orange. It's a bright, sunny scent that is sweet and fruity and has no weird chemical scent to it. It's a great fragrance that reminds me of the tropics and of summer which I so wish would get here! The scent of Bali Mango reminds me of BBW's Mango Mandarin products which used to be my favorite scent for a while. The scrub is in a cream base and is super scrubby. It really does a great job getting rid of old dead skin cells and renewing my skin. It makes a great foot scrub as well as a body scrub and the scent is even better under hot water in the shower. it doesn't really lather but it seems to foam just a bit and get creamier with use. **Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Creamy Body Scrub - Bali Mango** rinses clean and leaves my skin glowing. I have dry skin in the winter and this scrub doesn't dry it out more or leave it tight. I follow up with the lotion of the same scent. The scrub is very thick and seems to be made with sugar crystals along with bits of shells. The sugar dissolves fast but the smaller shell bits stick around for a while. This scrub is not for those who like very gentle scrubs. It really packs a punch but I don't feel it is too harsh at all. It is just the right consistency. ***My Viewpoint*** **Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Creamy Body Scrub - Bali Mango **has a bright, sunny fragrance and is very effective at exfoliating my skin. The scent lingers lightly on my skin and is boosted by the lotion and body splash of the same name. I love that BBW has finally come up with a good scrub. I only wish it were 12 ounces but, with all the sales the site and store has, I will be able to get this scrub at a great price whenever I want it. ***4 stars.*** Effectiveness Great scrubbing particles really get the dead skin off and expose new, fresh skin. Scent The scent is tropical and delicious!


The heart of , NY


A pleasure to use!


I love the tropics and this takes me right back there, no joke! Sometimes you like the idea of a scent in the store but then when you actually start using the product, it's owerwhelming or synthetic smelling; not so with this. It smells fresh, yummy and like the real thing. Feels great on my skin and exfoliates without the harshness. I just feel indulgent when I use it and it's been awhile since I felt that way using a bath and shower product. After I use it, once in awhile I can smell the lingering scent and it just smells so warm and wonderful, just like Maui! :-)


Everett, WA




My daughter picked this lotion out to use on a recent trip to bath and body works. I have to admit that this lotion was not one that I would have even looked at because I am so set on the scented lotions that I have grown to love as staples in my daily routine but the more she uses this lotion the more I love it. The bath and body works lotions all work about the same and are really more interesting and useful for their perfume attributes. The Bali Mango scent is a really nice spring and summer scent that is not too overpowering and leaves a very soft sweet smell that is scrumptious. Every time that she applies this lotion and tease her that she smells good enough to be eaten. My daughter laughs and giggles and then wants to apply some more lotion and tells me how silly I am for wanting to eat my own daughter. I am planning on stocking up on this lotion during the next sale and highly recommend it to others.


Pasco, WA


Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Creamy Body Scrub - Bali Mango

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