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Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works Sensual Amber Gentle Foaming Soap

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Nothing to NOT like about this soap!


Foaming hand soaps are my absolute favorite, when I found this sensual amber scented FOAMING soap, I was ECSTATIC! This is literally one of bath and body works (oldie but goodie) best selling fragrances out there. I love everything about this hand soap! The way it makes your hands feel after washing is probably the best, it feels like you just washed your hands with lotion, that's how soft they will feel! I know how bad my hands break out in the winter from washing them so much, they get so dry that they crack and bleed. This soap really helps out with that issue, it has vitamin E for extra moisturizing. The foam soap lathers up really well, so you wont need a whole lot to get a nice clean. Effectiveness I found this hand soap to work very effectively, it cleans very well. Removing all of the dirt and germs. It also moisturizes very well, leaving your hands baby soft and super clean! It is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin to use. Scent I love the scent of this "Bath and body works sensual amber gentle foaming soap". It has a strong but relaxing smell, it isn't too over powering. The scent lasts on your skin for a while, leaving your hands smelling great for about an hour. It is definitely one of the best!




It is refreshing.


I enjoy smelling good.  I went into Bath and Body works looking for body spray and I saw this soap.  I sniffed it and it smelled soooo good.  Bath and body works are always running some kind of sale so I love that about them too.  The anti bacteria foaming soap smelled good and was with price reason.  i bought two at first to try them out.  I put one in the kitchen and one in the downstairs bathroom and it made my small son wash his hands more.  I also knew that his hands would be clean because of the anti bacteria in it.  and not only is it soap but you can buy the soap in almost any fragrance that you buy body spray in or candles or lotion.  I have had company over and they would compliment the soap.  It was a cool trick to make sure that they would wash their hands too.  Because they knew that it was a high end soap and not some boring soap.  I guess they like the fact that it foams.  Nice!!


Pascagoula, MS


The only soap I will buy!


Love it, love it, love it!!!  There, that just about says it all!! ;-)  There are great scents available and the soap works very well.  I also love the colors that are available.  As crazy as it sounds, I can match the colors to the colors in my bathroom or kitchen!  Great product and I stock up when they're on sale!


Strongsville, OH


A Smell to Brag About


I knew halfway through my Memorial Day party that I was going to have to review this product for Viewpoints. We were having family over for the party, so the day before, while waiting for my son to get out of the orthodontist, I strolled into Bath and Body Works to buy some hand soap. I don't know what happens in the bathroom that doubles as the onesfor guests and my kids, but the hand soap can disappear in days. Sometimes I wonder if because of the fruit-related theme, they eat it. I wasn't looking for a specific fruit this time, and just wanted a nice subtle color to go in my peach bathroom. I liked the thought of the gentle foaming soap, instead of a having lotion-based one, so I chose the Gentle Foaming Soap in Sensual Amber.Mind you, my thought was not on the word "sensual" in the name of the product, being that it was going in my kids' bathroom. I just liked the color. I don't think the soap is affecting them "that way," and besides, it would be hard to tell, as my 11 year old daughter can only talk about how she looks and the boys at school, and my 15 year old son only has sex and women on the brain. This makes it hard to tell if sensual soap is affecting them.After I set the soap up in the bathroom, my daughter came out after being in there for a little while and thrust her hands in my face, saying, "Here, smell my hands." I declined. I'm not smelling anyone's hands exiting a bathroom, new soap or no. It turns out, she was not the only one that noticed.The smell of the hand soap somehow ended up being a talked about topic when party guests were exiting the bathroom area. My sister-in-law's husband walked out smelling his hands and told me the soap smelled really good. Then he kept going in there every fifteen minutes or so. My sister-in-law came in looking for him at one point, and I told her he was probably in the bathroom again, but not to worry, as I thought he just liked the soap. She immediately smelled her hands and agreed she liked it too. He emerged, and they thrust their hands at each other, saying, "I know, it's the soap!" I have no idea if it worked for them sensually, and I don't want to.Being a storyteller, I knew right there I had a good one on my hands. It's too bad the internet hasn't figured out yet how to implement scratch 'n sniff, as it would be the perfect way to check out the Gentle Foaming Soap in Sensual Amber yourself. You'll either have to buy it blindly online based on my suggestion, or stroll into a Bath and Body Works on your own.


South Elgin, IL


Bath & Body Works Sensual Amber Gentle Foaming Soap

5.0 4