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Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works Peppermint Scrub

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Cool, Refreshing & Holiday Reminder ...


Bath & Body Works' Peppermint Scrub is one of the best body scrubs on the market today. If you are one that enjoys a cool and refreshing treat to indulge in while you are bathing, this is the product for you. In my own opinion, it reminds me of the holiday season because of the rich, peppermint scent. Also, it exfoliates all rough areas of your body including feet, knees and elbows. Your skin will be soft, smooth and lightly scented with peppermint. When Bath & Body Works offers this product in the winter season, I always stock up on it to use throughout the year. I recommend you do the same!

Elizabeth, NJ




I have a growing collection of beauty products. I don't know why I collect them and love them so much. I guess there is nothing wrong with wanting to look and smell good. this product smells good and works really good. It delivers on what it's supposed to do and leaves you smelling YUMMY!

Albany, NY




**This product is amazing! I am a huge fan of peppermint products and this one really delivers. Not only is it a great exfoliant but the smell last all day. I swear when I get home later in the day my whole house smells like it.It leaves my skin really smooth and moisturized.** ** I've also made my boyfriend try it and he is hooked now I have to stock up when I can find it!**

West Palm Beach, FL


Bath & Body Works Peppermint Scrub

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