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Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works Nutcracker Sweet 3-in-1 Wash

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This is a special treat


Right from the name itself, this is a special treat, and it´s a cool gift idea for a lady who otherwise has everything or a pampering indulgent treat for a busy person at the end of a winter day. It really is a 3 in 1 in that I can use it as a bubble bath, a shower gel to wash my body, and as a shampoo. I can pamper my whole body. It´s a little more expensive than the other soaps the store offers, but I think it´s worth it if what you want is something different now and then. Effectiveness Very good all purpose soap that is enriching for the skin and works as a good shampoo too without drying out my hair. It lathers very nicely and also makes good bubbles when poured into the water stream to make a bubble bath. It also can be used every day and it doesn´t leave my skin dried out even after a long luxuriating soak in the tub. Scent This scent is like hazelnut, but unique in a nutty sweet way. It´s very intriguing and makes a normal bath interesting and fun. It´s rich and entirely different.



Works great... smells bad!


I really liked how this 3 in 1 product worked. As a shampoo, it was very basic. Nothing fancy or anything. It barely got the job done. As a bubble bath, the bubbles didn't last very long. It lasted long enough to barely sit down. However, as a shower gel, it did the job fantastically. The scent lasted for hours and I felt as clean as ever when I was done showering. However, the pistachio smell is something to get used to. If you even the bottle open for a few seconds, you can smell it across a room! The smell is very pungent and something to get used to. To me, personally, I could not get used to the smell and passed the product down to my sister. If you like pistachios, this is the thing for you!

Cumming, GA


Smells just like Pistachio, only better!


I really like most of Bath & Body Works 3-in-1 products. Even though I rarely use them as anything but shower gel, I think they're a great value for the wonderful variety of scents alone. They work best as a body wash. Very luxurious suds and they leave a heavy, delicious, confectionary scent on your skin. As a bubble bath, it is also quite nice, but as a shampoo it sort of falls flat (literally.) Anywho, I'm a pistachio nut, I usually get a big bag every Christmas. This year, I got Bath & Body Works Nutcracker Sweet instead. They got the scent dead-on, only a big sweeter with more of an almond note. This would be a really nice gift to give anyone who needs to relax, because there's something definately calming and comforting about this original smell. If I take a bath using this stuff, it fills the entire bathroom with the most scrumptious smell. Mmm, just talking about it makes me want to run upstairs and use it now!

Pittsburgh, PA


Bath & Body Works Nutcracker Sweet 3-in-1 Wash

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