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Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path Creamy Body Wash

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The scent......


Everyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love Bath & Body Works! So for Christmas, my friend got me the Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path Creamy Body Wash. I was excited to try this scent out because I never tried it before. However, I was sad to find out that I did not like the scent AT ALL! It wasn't pleasing and was too strong and overbearing.



The formula is amazing, the scent not so much.


So, I love Bath and Body Works creamy body wash. That being said, I do not love this particular fragrance. It may be because I'm rather young (23), but the lavender/lilac scent just doesn't seem very...sexy. It also isn't particularly relaxing, as it's very strong and kind of overpowering. Sometimes if I use this in the morning it gives me a headache by the end of the day - not exactly what I'm looking for in a body wash. People who like strong floral (lavender) fragrances would probably like this, however. It does seem like more of a mature scent, so I wouldn't recommend buying this for teens or young adults. There are so many better scents to use at BBW! However, the formula is definitely worth checking out - it is very moisturizing but lathers well. Usually you only get one or the other. You can also usually get good prices on this product - coupons and sales abound at BBW! If you're considering trying this product, do! Just go to the store and find a scent that works for you.

Portland, OR


B&B works Moonlight Path creamy body was- love it!


Everything bath and body works does is terrific, but moonlight path is hevenly!! The scent lingers and is fantastic!! The creamy body wash is great in any scent,  a little makes wonderful suds but moonlight path is my favorite!!

Hope, IN


moonlight path smells like a baby who did not shower for a month


Please note that I am reviewing Moonlight Path in Bubble Bath. And you should know that more than anything else, I am most concerned about the scent. Because no matter how moisturizing or hydrating a certain product is, if it smells like crap, I won't use it. So yeah, moonlight path? I hate it. This is one of the scents that I will never like. As in like NEVER. To me it smells like cheap musky baby powder! I don't like musky. And I certainly don't like cheap baby powder. It reminds of Jovan Musk that my mom used to wear when she was younger. Which is funny because the scent smells like an old woman. So then, I thought she was old. Now I realized she just smells old. LOL.

Melrose Park, IL


Nice scent. Good body wash.


I have always loved Bath & Body Works. They always have such great smelling things and a wide variety of prices and options with all of the products they offer. It seems that everyone is sure to find something. Personally I love body wash, because I prefer it to solid soap or soap bars. Who wants those slippery soap scenes? Not me. If you couple this body wash with the Bath & Body Works mesh scrubs, you will see for yourself why it is so much fun and so much eaiser to use body wash as opposed to regular old soap. As for the scent of this particular item, I like it, but it is definitely not my favorite. I prefer Cherry Blossom and Sparkling Peach. Those are the two best scents. Moonlight Path is ok though. I guess it really just depends on what type of scents you like. I recommed going into bath and body works and smelling some of the testers to see which you like and which you don't. Then you'll know for sure.

Tucson, AZ


Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path Creamy Body Wash

3.0 5