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Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works Mango Shower Gel

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A yummy scented bath gel!


Bath and Body Works always knows what it is doing when it debuts a new scent, so I was not surprised when they put out this scent. It can be described as smelling absolutely yummy! It is one of those scents that actually makes your mouth water when you get a whiff! I purchased this soon after they debuted and I normally use it as a bubble bath when I feel like taking a relaxing soak in the tub. Bath and Body Works is always running sales, so I got it for pretty cheap. I like to stock up on their products when I get a good deal. The only issue I have with this product is that it does dry out my skin a little bit. It does not leave any residue, but I do have to use more lotion after I take a bath with this product. I have taken to mixing it with an unscented moisturizing body wash and that really seems to do the trick. I do recommend this bath gel if you love the scent of mangoes. This one is delicious.



Smells so good


Mango is one of my favorite fruits. I decided to splurge and try Bath and Body Works Mango Shower Gel and was not disappointed. It smells just like Mangoes. It has a wonderful, rich, sweet, fruity, and tropical scent. It smells heavenly. It also makes a wonderful lather that is loaded with bubbles. It feels gentle and amazing on your skin. It leaves skin feeling loved-smooth, soft, moisturized, and clean! Effectiveness This is an absolutely wonderful shower gel. I love that a little squirt of this onto a bath puff makes a bountiful, rich, and bubbly lather. I can get many uses out of one bottle of this! That is a huge plus to me because I am on a tight budget. It also smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. It is also nice and gentle on dry, sensitive skin that needs a little extra tender loving care! Scent This smells just like Mangoes! I love this scent and how rich, sweet, and tropical it is. It is a really relaxing smell!



wonderful scent


This is a great smell, and the price is reasonable. The shower gel is silky and soft feeling, and leaves skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and smelling wonderful.  This shower gel is great for dry skin, especially around the elbow/knee area.  It's also good for sun-burned skin, as it doesn't sting when used.  

Four Oaks, NC


Fruitlicious bodylicious sweet shower experience!


Showers usually mean morning, morning usually means work just another ugh day. Now no way I just Mango Tango the sleepy headed protests away in the shower with my tropical topical luscious Mango shower Gel. The silky feel of this soap replacement sluicing down my gazillion tired body parts just sets me up for a refreshing day. What a fabulous scent just like Aruba, Jamaica gee it really takes ya off to the islands. My water bill is in danger of rising because i am so happy in my personal aroma therapy shower that I want to linger just a little bit longer and savor the flavor of MANGO. Priced reasonably and packaged perfectly! Me and my scrunchy loofah just start the day in a whole new way. go Mango. go tango, go off refreshed and invigorated! blast those corporate doldrums away Bath & Body works needs to be in you bathroom! Go get some NOW!  

Rowlett, TX


Bath & Body Works Mango Shower Gel

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