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Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works Lavender Lotion

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my favorite bedtime lotion


I love to use this lotion before bedtime because of the calming affect it has on me and at the same time it helps sooth my skin and especially does wonders on my heels over night. I like that this lotion uses natural ingredients and so my sensitive skin is getting what it needs. Scent I am very sensitive to a lot of hair and body products but this one does not bother me and the lavender soft scent is especially pleasant when I use it on my dry patches before I go to bed for the night. Absorption This body lotion is very thick and concentrated but it still absorbs very quickly and deeply into my skin so I don't have to keep applying it. Effectiveness This body lotion works extremely well and I like that I get results after the very first use. I have sensitive skin and this lotion works great for all of my skin problems and without leaving behind greasy residue on my skin. I put it on before bedtime and slowly fall asleep to the calming smell of lavender.




Lavender lotion is a great floral scent.


The Lavender scent is one of my favorite scents from Bath and Body works. It has a light enough scent that I can wear it to work and not bother my co workers with the smell. Where I work, we have to be very conscious of others as we are in tight quarters. It is not so strong that it bothers peoples allergies. It is a great all around fresh floral scent. The lotion is not too heavy and absorbs into the skin quickly. It leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. It does not leave your body parts feeling greasy like some lotions can. I have never noticed that Bath and Body works lotions make me hot, like some heavy lotions do. I do not have particularly sensitive skin, but sometimes I do break out. With this lotion, I have not noticed any break outs. I would recommend this lotion to any one who just wants a fresh clean floral scent. It is not over powering and is not a musky or citrusy smell


Shelton, WA


Smells great, but a bit strong.


I asked for this lotion as a gift because I love lavender.  Unfortunately, while I do like the smell of the lotion, I don't wear it very often because the scent is so strong; just a little bit on the backs of my hands is more than enough, whereas with other Bath and Body Works lotions I can put it on my neck and elbows as well and not be overwhelmed.  I would give it five stars if the company would tone it down a bit.  I would recommend this lotion because it does smell really nice, but with the stipulation that it is very strong.


Saint Paul, MN


best lotion ever made! very relaxing!


i would recomend bath and body works lavadnder lotion to anyone who would like to relax any time  of the day! it is a great price very affordable.......................................................................................................................... .....................................


Las Vegas, NV


Bath & Body Works Lavender Lotion

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