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Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Mist Body Works

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An Old Stand-by That Doesn't Disappoint


I started buying this fragrance when I was a pre-teen and I am now 21 years old. I LOVE this scent and it has always been my go-to scent.. this is the scent that made me give up on perfumes all together because it introduced me to the wonderful world of body sprays. Unlike a perfume (and I have also tried the actual perfume version of this spray) this spray feels light and does not over power you, but it also lasts sooo long. I will sometimes just smell myself because I love it so much. Bath and Body Works in general is not the cheapest store you are going to find so I can accept that I have to pay a bit more, I know its worth it. It does mean that I can't afford my sprays very often which can be a downer but it means that when I do get to go to the store I feel like I am getting a real treat. The only downside to the scent is that it is a very popular one.. I have discovered a lot of people I know use it and I even found out I smell just like my friend's mother because of it.. oh well.




This is my go-to bath and body works scent


This stuff is wonderful. It is slightly sweet and slightly musky and totally great on my person. Unlike so many of the scents - I do not get tired of this one following me around during the day. I highly recommend both the scent and the fragrance mist - don't waist money on the perfume, it doesn't work any better than the mist which isn't too strong or too mild.




soft scent, not too strong


I decided to buy the Japanese Cherry Blossom spray a try after seeing it in the store for the first time. I usually don't buy any sprays from Bath and Body Works because I don't like my perfumes to smell like fruits or desserts. I tried it in the store and couldn't really smell it (maybe because of all the other fragrances). I was surprised with this spray at home because it smells subtle and sensual. It smells more like a regular perfume than a BBW spray with no hints of cheap fruit spray smells. It can smell strong though, if you spray too many times. I stick with one spray and it does the trick. I'm thinking about getting the lotion and hopefully it doesn't smell as strong as other BBW lotions.


Stockton, CA


Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Mist--->Way to Strong


I Love Bath and Body Works, I think it's one of the Best places to shop for a new scent. They have so many to try,  And So many of them are Wonderful, But I don't like this one... I smelled it once and from then on would just walk right by it everytime I went to a Bath and Body Works Store.  I don't understand all the raving reviews about this Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Mist.. well I do understand how some like it(every one is different) but as for me, I don't like it  at all,not even a little bit, I think it's the worst Bath and Body Works Product I"ve ever smelled. For one thing it's Way to strong! for another it"s Way over-powering. Hey my daughter like's it, She says it has a seductive floral scent inspired by the exotic gardens of Japan, I think it's one of her fav's, so there you go, maybe it's one for the younger people.. But I myself am not a fan of it. I think, if you feel the need to try this one, it might be best if you purchase a small bottle first and make sure you like it.    P U and Yuck! I hate the smell of Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom


Maysville, KY


I Love this Body Mist!


I absolutely love Bath and Body Works products!! They are my favorite bath items. And believe me, I have plenty of bath products:) But these are the best! The body mist works very good. I like that I can spray on a little bit after I get out of the shower and it is easy to carry around. I like the little bottles that I can put in my purse and use throughout the day. It is light and airy and it doesn't make your skin sticky like some sprays I have tried. The scent on this is very nice. The Japanese Cherry Blossom is one of my top 3 in their scents. It is very floral and almost has a musk scent as well. I love this scent! I am not a big one for those girly type scents but this is one I absolutely have to have with me. Overall, I love this Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Spray. There is nothing about it I would change, except to make the scent stay longer. I have a hard time not using it more than once a day because the scent evaporates after a while. This is my only gripe:)


Panama City, FL


The body spray you won't soon forget


What else can I say? I absolutely love this body spray! I love that you don't need very much as a little goes a long way. The scent is woody, fruity and exotic and it is perfect for any season at all..in fact it is a unique scent to me and I didn't know that I even wanted to change scents. Oddly enough I love the sweet musky scent and it tends to stay on my clothes all day and even rubs off onto everything I come into contact with. The only things that I would change is the price, it can be a little pricey in the end. But BB&W is always having great deals and sales to entice customers. Also, it lasts a long time so I can justify the price. And frankly,I couldn't find this scent anywhere else but at Bath and Body Works. Another cool thing? The bottle is even pretty and very modern looking.A definite must have for anyone who likes to change things up from time to time. So if you are headed out for a day of work or a day of play, this spray would be a great accompaniment.


Fair Oaks, CA


My Perfect Fragrance


First of all, I love body sprays, mists and splashes over perfumes because the fragrance is lighter, they tend to be less expensive and generally last longer. That said, the Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom body mist is my absolute favorite. It combines a sweet floral fragrance that is wonderful. I love the scent because it is very close to a Cherry Blossom fragrance that Avon had years ago and discontinued. I searched for it for a long time and was unable to find anything. Last year at Christmas, I was in Bath and Body Works shopping for family and found it. It smells even better than the Avon Cherry Blossom fragrance that I remembered and loved. That said, it quickly became and To Mommy From The Boys gift that I have enjoyed all year. I have worn it every single day for almost a year now and still have about one-third of the bottle left! How is that for value!


Crab Orchard, KY


soft, appealing, not overpowering


I have been using this product ever since it was introduced.  It is a soft, smooth scent that is not overpowering.  I love both the cologne and the milder spray.  I use the lotion and body bath as well.  The scent lingers without having to add more so often


Gettysburg, SD


Soft, sensual scent.


Let me start this review by saying that I detest most body sprays.  I can not stand smelling like a cookie, a dessert, or some kind of flower mixed with far too much alcohol.  With that said, let me now tell you that I love...absolutely love...Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Mist.  This product has a soft, heavenly smell that does not overpower the senses...instead it kind of seduces them.  It doesn't overwhelm the senses nor does it stay strong in the air like a person walking through a room wearing an air freshner.  Instead it lingers on the skin and has a soft smell to it.  While it is not a strong eye watering smell it can be smelt by other people.  My only regret with this product is that I don't have matching candles and room spray to go with it.  I really wish I could find more products that affordable that smell like this.  For I love this product, but lets be honest here, Bath and Body Works is not the most affordable brand out there.  But price aside, I highly recommend this product.


Potts Camp, MS


Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Mist Body Wo


I do not even know where to start regarding this fabulous product.  I was at the hair salon for my every other Friday appointment to get "glammed up" during the month of April 2010 and my awesome hair stylist was smelling extra soft and supple.  I asked her what was the awesome scent she had on and she told me; Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance mist body works.  I immediately knew I had to have it.  It is one of the most softest, elegant smelling mist I have took notice of in a very longgggg time.  I was very busy during the month of May with emergencies in my family that took me out of town.  During the time I was out of town, Bath & Body Works had a sale on this particular item and I ordered it through the internet and I have not at all regretted it.  I also bought the Japanese Cherry Blossom hand cream lotion.  I ordered several of each items and for Christmas 2010, my two sisters will be receiving a full set of Japanese Cherry Blossom products.


Grand Island, NY


Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Mist Body Works

4.6 10