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Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works Iced Tea Twist 3-in-1 Shampoo, Body Wash, and Bubble Bath

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Washing with Bath and Bodyworks Iced Tea Twist is so Refeshing!


Bath and Body works Iced Tea Twist 3-1 Body Wash, Bubble Bath & Shampoo is a refreshing experience in the shower! I love the smell of this! While you never really think about tea as a scent - wow - you know when you smell this what a tall glass of iced tea should smell like. I love to shower with this when I have had a long tiring day! Whether I have played with the dogs or dug around in the dirt, I know that soon I will be enveloped in a wonderful relaxing scent. To me, the scent is strong - the way I like it, and I can smell it on my skin and in my hair for quite a while. You know how sometimes you just feel so sweaty, grimmy and all you want is to feel clean - well this product does just that! I always feel clean with no heaviness on my skin. Just Refreshed and squeeky clean. I shampoo my hair with this as well and have no complaints. I do love that the scent stays in my hair. I like to smell clean, and love to have some kind of perfume or scent on. When I use this product, I choose not to use perfume because I love the scent of this alone! Really pricey - for me, anyway..but always on my birthday and Christmas wish list. 


Newton, NC


Smells sooooooooo Good! Great BUBBLES


I love this!! I bought it because the other scents were weird! I love Iced tea so I tried it and love it. I do not use it as a shampoo...makes my hair feel coarse. I use it for bubble baths and it makes LOTS of bubbles. Too bad I can't get more of the product in the store. Oh and I got it on clearance!!!


Davenport, IA


Yeah, not the best shampoo -- better as body wash


I agree, the products in this line aren't the best shampoos, but they're fine as body washes.  This one smelled so unique -- it really did smell like iced tea.  Some of the other scents in this line are really cloying and just too sugar-y and food-y (like the frosting one!), but this one is great.  I could smell it in my hair all morning.  My only complaint about this, and other B&BW stuff, is that it's basically chemicals that smell really good.  I've been moving to more all-natural products & I wish B&BW would start adding more stuff like that to their stores.


Middleton, WI


Smells so good!


The idea of bathing in iced tea sounded horrible, however I was very impressed with the scent.  I use it along with the body lotion.  It is my 9 year old sons favorite.  It sounds strange, but  it is oh so good.  It is wonderful for the summer time and I hope Bath and Body Works never gets rid of it.


Chesapeake, VA


Not my cup of tea.


I absolutely love Bath and Body Works products, but am not a fan of their 3-in-1 line. First, it's kind of odd using one product for three things. It left my hair feeling heavy; not clean at all. While I love iced tea, I think it's a bizarre scent to wash your body with. Just not getting this product.


Katy, TX


Iced tea is for drinking not showering


Iced tea is for drinking. The shampoo failed to do a good job and left my hair dry. Did not like the scent. I have tried other food scented products like pumpkin pie and enjoyed them but the iced tea did not do the trick for me. I would not recommend this to anyone, even an iced tea lover.


Eldorado Springs, CO


Great body wash


I purchased the bath and body works iced tea 3 in 1 shampoo, body wash and bubble bath since it was a seasonal item and I knew that if I didn't buy it, it wouldn't be in stock the next time I went to bath and body works. This is a summer item so they don't carry it year round, however they have multiple scents in this 3 in 1 line that they are always coming out with.  I thought it was a great body wash but didn't think it worked as good as a shampoo, I found that my hair didn't really feel clean after using this as a shampoo and I didn't feel like it had the necessary ingredients to be a good, moisturizing or volumizing shampoo. I didn't use it as a bubble bath so I'm not sure how that would be.  I'm reviewing this product applicable to any scent and not just the iced tea one as this may not come back every summer. It does smell fantastic like all the other bath and body works products that I love.  I love bath products that smell like food (personal preference!)


Pearl Harbor, HI


Bring it back! I Love Bath & Body Works Iced Tea Twist!


Ah Iced Tea Twist, the best "flavor" of body wash Bath and Body Works has ever invented! And the ony bad part is, it isn't sold regularly in stores anymore! I loved this one so much, I bought multiple bottles of it on eBay so I'd have enough for years and years... and I just ran out. You can still find it on there if you are desperate (and maybe I am!). I love it because I love the smell of freshly brewed iced tea with lemon, which is EXACTLY what Iced Tea Twist smells like! I don't know quite how Bath and Body WOrks managed it... You can almost taste the sugar and lemon when you take a big whiff. My girlfriend used to love the way this would make me smell and I never got tired of it either. It was great because it was three-in-one and served as body wash, shampoo or bubble bath. It didn't quite make as many bubbles as a "real" bubble bath but it did everything else very well. I wish Bath and Body would bring it back!


Chicago, IL


BBW 3-in-1 heighten the senses and leave you feeling refreshed


I have enjoyed almost all flavors of the 3-in-1 hair/bath/body washes at BBW.  They are convenient to use, effective, and inexpensive enough to splurge on a variety of flavors.  We keep them in each bathroom and choose a different scent each day based on mood. 


Powell, OH


The thing that caught my mind.


I love BBBW so much! Their stuff is great quality and they have nice employees. When I got the 3-1 I was pretty excited because I wanted to use it right away. I applyed it on and it smelled so good. Also it was still going strong even when I was at school. But I have to say, I wish it wasn't shampoo. To me, that wasn't the best quality.


Concord, NH


Bath & Body Works Iced Tea Twist 3-in-1 Shampoo, Body Wash, and Bubble Bath

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