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Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works Foam Burst Body Wash

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My favorite body wash ever!


I go absolutely crazy over this product.  I have been using it for many years and I was almost devestated a few years ago when they told me they wouldn't be carrying it in the stores.  I loaded up on every kind they had.  My favorites are lavendar and sweet pea.  But don't dispare even though they don't "offically" carry it in stores you can always find it during their sales.  I go twice a year to hit their semi annual sales and I always find it in the bins.  This is a great soap because it works much like men's shaving gel.  It comes out in a gell form and it only takes a small squeeze for a large amount of foam.  One squeeze will produce enough foam to cover your body in.  It just feels so good going on and the smell is of course amazing.  I use it before going out on big dates and if my legs are very dry I use it instead of regular shaving cream for shaving.  This is a product every woman should try!  So if you see it in the bins make sure you grab one I promise it is worth the cost!

Franklin, TN


Bath & Body Works makes my favorite shower gel!


When I first tried this product, it was because of the novel idea of a gel that expands into a foam puff when exposed to air. I got the "Moonlight Path" because it was my favorite scent, and now I can't live without this! The scent is like a mix of lavender and vanilla; very soft and relaxing! Because it expands, I don't have to use a lot, but one must be careful when pressing the button for release because if you press too hard, it will shot out a lot. As another reviewer mentioned, you can end up using a lot unintentionally. The scent stays on my body for up to 3 hours after showering, so in that area, it's pretty long lasting. My only complaint is that after you spray the desired amount out, there's still a little bit of gel that sits on the end of the spout that is exposed to air. This causes that bit of gel to expand to foam puff, so cleaning that bit off can be a bit of a hassle.

Brooklyn, NY


Foam burst body wash, not that impressed


I wasn't super excited about this product. I bought 3 of them b/c they were on clearance and I can see why! The product comes out like a shave gel- basically shoots out! Then you end up with more than you wanted, making it run out quickly. The scent of all of them had a "tinny" or metalic scent to them and they were frangrences I normally buy, I would reccomend buying the regular body wash over these.

Cedar Springs, MI


Bath & Body Works Foam Burst Body Wash

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