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Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Body Lotion Energy - Mandarin Lime

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I love the aromatherapy lotions!


First of all the aromatherapy lotions from bath and body works are heaven sent. Not only do they work like high end products but they look luxurious and expensive. I am so happy every time I buy an aromatherapy lotion from bath and body works. I especially love this scent mandarin lime. It is supposed to give you more energy. I am not sure that it exactly works like that but the scent is definitely an eye opener, but in the best possible way. It smells wonderful! My husband also loves when I wear this particular scent. It also is very moisturizing. It keeps my dry hands really moisturized. It also absorbs well. I am very happy with the absorption. I also love that the packaging is so convenient. I just leave a bottle in my guest bathroom and all you have to do it put a few pumps in your palm and rub together! It's not exactly cheap, but it is reasonably priced considering other lotions and brands that are really quite similar.




Smells amazing and a little goes a long way


I love this pproducts b/c it allows a small squirt and it will last. The smell is strong and alos last long. It's a great for after handwashing and has a sop to match so it allows your skin to smell better longger!


Broken Arrow, OK


Wakes you up without the calories


I have a bottle of this on my desk at work and love it. Not only does it heal dry hands, especially in the winter, but the smell, which is great, actually wakes me up during that afternoon lull. Instead of grabbing a candy bar or coffee I put on some lotion and the smell wakes me up, while taking care of my skin. Love it!


Somerville, MA


I love this body lotion


I love this lotion.  I love the smell, the way it goes on and absorbs.  I have purchased quite a few of this lotion in different aromatherapy varities.  I love the product and the price, which I buy when it is on sale.  I have also bought this for presents for friends.


Cedar Rapids, IA


Aromatherapy body lotion not in love with it.


The Mandarin Lime lotion is definately not one of my favorite products from Bath and Body. I did not care for the scent and it will supposedly energize you. I did not notice any change in how I felt after I wore it. This was the only reason I had bought it, because I certainly was not enticed by the smell. The lotion was not too heavy.,although it did not absorb into the skin quickly. It left my skin feeling very greasy. I really am not a big fan of the slippery hand feeling. On the postiive side I have never noticed that Bath and Body works lotions make me hot, like some heavy lotions do. This is true for there line of aromatherapy lotions also.  I do not have particularly sensitive skin, but sometimes I do break out. With this lotion, I did not noticed any break outs. I am pretty sure I would not recommend this lotion to any one. The scent is hard to get past and it does not energize like it suggests.


Shelton, WA


Bright and energizing scent that picks you up!


This is another great product from a company that knows how to do fragrance and skin care. I absolutely love the citrusy aroma and so does my husband. I am not at all into heavy floral scents as they always seem to remind me of my grandmother. This citrus scent is significant enough to be noticed without being overpowering. I feel energized when I put it on and I get a lot of extra attention from my husband when I do. Two great benefits! It goes on smoothly and doesn't feel like I'm applying a mask like some lotions can. I love how it makes my skin feel silky and smooth without being the least bit "sticky". There is one problem with buying this, however. You'll be tempted to purchase the whole line of mandarin lime products that Bath and Body offers. Yummy lotions, soaps, and hand butter are three indulgences every woman should enjoy. Really, such a small price to pay to feel a little bit pampered in the midst of your giving, giving, giving to everyone else life. Splurge a little. Pamper yourself. You'll feel better for it!


Belmont, MI


Love this lotion


i bought 2 bottles of this lotion because i loved the aroma, since i am an aroma freak i thought it would liven up my senses on a down day and it realy does.  i have one on my kitchen sink and one on my bar sink.  my family likes it too.  recently i noticed that it has been soothing my skin during the winter months and i like the fact that it acts as a skin soother.  i have suffered from dry skin for years and never really found a pleasant scented lotion that would really work on my hands, but this one really leaves my hands soft.  the apothocary bottle fits my decor or really any decor.  get a bottle of the aromatherapy lotion for your desk or work station, its a great pick me up anytime of the day.  But be careful your friends might dip into it too.  I recently read from the Leaf Lady that "Scent has a special impact on living organisms. Scientific research into the human sense of smell finds it to be10,000 times more powerful than taste. Scent travels rapidly to the brain, and is shown to have a direct effect on the limbic system. The limbic system communicates with the autonomic nervous system. This is the known connection in the brain to the hypothalamus, emotion, memory, and some visceral (gut) reactions. " i recently read that aromatherapy is used to treat several health conditions: anxiety, irritability, fatigue, dermatitis, panic attacks, headaches, vertigo, urinary tract infections, and depression. Aromatherapy essential oils can also cure laryngitis, flatulence, cancer, stress, arthritis, herpes, allergies and chickenpox. now i am not saying that these claims are true, but i know how it has helped me with fatigue and actually refreshens me. try it know you wont be sorry


Highland, CA


Soothing, and Sensational


This moisturizing lotion is one of the best products out there. I started using this product about three months ago, and will continue to use it for all time to come. I fell in love with it immediately. 


Davison, MI


It has the best strong yet subtle relaxing scent


I have the rosemary mint from the Aromatherapy collection and I love it. I don't have mandarin and lime but I am sure it is as exotic and aromatic as the rosemary mint. It was a gift from my friend last Christmas and it still smells and feels great. This particular collection at Bath and Body Works is of good creamy quality. I don't know about all of you but I hate when lotion gets a little older or is just to runny,thin, sticky and waxy. The smell is strong enough to last for hours yet subtle on your senses, almost like a spa aromatherapy candle. I also like the packaging/bottling. Its an attractive looking bottle with an easy to use pump that dispenses just the write amount needed in one squirt. I would recomend this collection to anyone who was thinking about buying a gift or to anyone who just wants to treat themselves to a journey of the senses. I love Bath and Body Works, they really know how to make a girl smile!!


Las Vegas, NV


Great Pick Me Up


I have a lot of lotions and his is one of my favorites. It comes in a beautiful apothecary type bottle with a handy pump.Whenever I feel a little slugGish, I pump some Mandarin Lime on my hands and inhale the subtle yet authentic citrus lime scent. It lifts me and gives me a smile. I inhale for a few seconds and feel better. I also love that I can reuse my bottle when I am finished. Its very decorative.


Newark, NJ


Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Body Lotion Energy - Mandarin Lime

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