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Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial HandiBac Foaming Sanitizer

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Works for me!


I like this hand sanitizer a lot. If you are looking for a great hand sanitizer this is a good one to pick. I have kids and they love the foaming part much better than the other kind. They think it's a lot of fun and when fun and clean go together that works for me. It seems less drippy and messy as well. The smells from bath and body work are very nice and you can pick one that works for you. It's easy to bring with you and use on the go. Love it! Effectiveness It does the job and works well. I feel better having this, especially when I'm out and about with the kids who touch everything! It keeps our hands free from germs. It is a great sanitizer. Ease of Application I like the pump and it makes it easy to apply. The foam makes it easy and fun to put on. It goes on nicely. Scent Bath and body works scents are great and this smells good on your hands. A much better smell than ordinary sanitizer! It keeps your hands smelling good for awhile.




Love it!


This is a great product from Bath and Body Works. I love that they've come up with another great smelling soap, but this time in antibactierial sanitizer! All of the no water antibacterials that I have bought before have been just the actual soap. I love the foam that this one has. It is so easy and convenient and is great to just have in your purse or the car. You can never have too many hand sanitizers around and this one is the best in my opinion. It doesn't have that alcohol smell like so many of the other, cheaper brands do. Yes, you have to pay a little more for this specialty brand one, but is so worth it in my opinion. I use it most when I am out and about after a gas station or rountine shopping trip when there are no antibacterial cart wipes available. It is a great and very trustworthy product! Effectiveness Love the foaming formula and how confident it makes me feel that it has thoroughly cleaned my hands. Ease of Application Very easy! It has a great pump that is so easy to use. Scent Even with it being antibacterial it still has a great smell!


Stanton, CA


Works well, smells great!


I love this Bath & Body Works foaming sanitizer! I saw this at the B&B store and had to try it. No other hand sanitizer I've used comes out in foam, like this one. It feels like you're washing your hands with soap when you use it. It has a gentle and cleasing feeling and smells great! A downside to this is that it's a small bottle and a bit expensive for the size. What's good about it is that it comes in different scents. Other than that, it works just like a regular hand sanitizer, but with foam. It's easy to carry around and I'd recommend this product to anyone who likes the smell this anti-bacterial foaming sanitizer leaves on your skin. I've tried all the different scents and they all smell great!


San Francisco, CA


HandiBac Foaming Sanitizer is fantastic!


I love that Bath and Body Works has come out with these HandiBac sanitizers. Regular Purell sanitizer is fine, but I love being able to throw one of these in my bag; they're always handy to ward off germs and sticky hands, and they smell fantastic. It's so nice to have the added benefit of smelling Bath and Body Works' delicious scents while using the sanitizer, and they're so handy to use anywhere. I particularly like this foaming brand of sanitizer, as it feels softer than their gel sanitizers, and feels more like regular soap--it's not quite as acidic/alcoholic as other brands and styles of sanitizers seem to be. Also, it dries extremely quickly, much quicker than some of the gel sanitizers I've used, and the pump makes it easy to control the amount of sanitizer you use, making these tiny containers last for quite a while. They might be a little bit more expensive, but Bath and Body Works always has enough sales going on that it's easy to stock up on these for a very low price most of the time.


Princeton Junction, NJ


B&B Works Hanidbac Foaming Sanitizer


I got the Bath & Body works Anti-Bacterial HandiBac Foaming Sanitizer as a Christmas gift from a friend. I had tried this at other people's houses, but had never bought it. I thought that it would be too expensive. I love it!! it smells very good, and it doesn't take much to get your hands really clean. It even makes washing your hands fun. I have found that it isn't that expensive. You can get it on sale, and also Bath & Body Works has lots of coupons out all year long. I do most of my Bath & Body Works shopping on-line because I dont go to the mall too often. So, look for a sale & stock up.I have it at all of my sinks, especially in the kitchen. It doesn't dry your hands out,even washing alot. So, don't let the price stop you, find a sale either on line or at the store and stock up when it's a good price. You will love it! & as I said, the price is very comprable to supermarket brands and it is so much better.


Fletcher, OH


Great Anti-Bacteria product


I received this as a gift, so I can not comment on the price, but looking it up I would have to say, it is a very fair price.  I just really love Bath and Bodyworks foaming products.  I am always in desperate need for anti-bacteria product for work, we have bathrooms shared between four businesses and the public.  This comes in a very handy size, to keep in one's purse.  It foams up nicely with one little pump.  It has a very awesome smell, makes your hands feel very silky smooth afterwards, and it also liquifies nicely in your hands when you rub your hands together, it does not glop, or drip down your hands as you are apply.  It would foam up nicely and distribute without a huge mess. It is a little pricey compared to Purell, or other Anti-bacteria products, but my hands get more out of this product.  They are clean, smell nice, and feel very soft and smooth.  So go to the store and website, and try a couple and you will see why I like them so much.


Sacramento, CA


my favorite of all hand sanitizerzs


I really like this stuff and these are my favorite hand sanitizers.   I wouldn't call myself a germaphobe or anything, but I use a lot of hand sanitizers around my babies.  It sure is nice to be able to smell like something other than harsh alcohol.  I keep them in my purse, at my desk, in the diaper bag and on the changing table. I do really like the foaming quality to these because the foam is so much easier to dissolve and absorb.  Pros:  They smell way better than any other sanitizer and you can match the scent to your favorite lotion.  They make your hands feel soft and moisturized compared to other sanitizers.  They come in small convenient containers that fit anywhere and everywhere, yet to scream "I'm a germaphobe!." Cons: Price.  I almost always shop the big sales, but even still they come out to be a lot pricier than other hand sanitizers.  I guess you are paying for the familiar scent and the brand name in this case, though.


Mesa, AZ


I love this foaming sanitizer


Bath and Body Works Anti - Bacterial HandiBac Foaming Sanitizer is one of those things that I always have on hand. It does not matter what scent, I love them all, especially the clean smelling ones: citrus or melony specifically. This sanitizer if perfect because one pump is the perfect amount of sanitizer for an adult, and the foaming action makes it not runny so it doesn't slide off your hand as soon as you pump it out. I find that this is a great thing to have on hand for little kids, too because they can use the pump and not use an excessive amount of sanitizer and get it everywhere. I find that the base price of this sanitizer is a little expensive, but Bath and Body seems to regularly have promotions that include these or they usually have a coupon that makes the price a little friendlier. This is a great product that I love to have with me all the time and that I also like to have on hand to give as gifts!


Johnson City, TN


Didn't like my hands felt afterwards..


I had picked up a few of these the same time I stocked up on more of Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer gels. I figured since the Gels worked so great the **Anti-Bacterial HandiBac Foaming Sanitizer** would have to work just as well. It did smell great, I can give it that much. But after using it, I  hate the way the skin on my hands felt after I applied it! They felt sticky, like I had washed my hands with sugar water and let them air dry. It was really horrible. Unlike the HandiBac Hand Gels, which I have to say I prefer over this any day. They leave no sticky residue, and leave your skin feeling clean. I thought these would be good to carry around with me just for a quick clean up, or freshen up. They do smell amazing..........But I have to say each one I tried were both a real disappointment. I would NOT, recommend the **Anti-Bacterial HandiBac Foaming Sanitizer**. Just because they leave your skin feeling really Icky, and leave you Needing a good wash just after putting it on!


Center of the Earth, CA


Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial HandiBac Foaming Sanitizer

4.2 9