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Basset Sofa

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Very expensive failure


The cushions on the sofa we purchased failed after just a few months. The company replaced the cushions and - they failed again. I cannot get the company to even respond to me. We upgraded the fabric on the sofa we purchased - it has not held up at all and we are very careful with our furniture. Again - the company won't even respond. I do not recommend any Basset product - the sofa in the picture is not the one we purchased, but I do not recommend purchasing any Basset product. The products are a complete waste of money.

Terry, MS


Basset falls apart!!!!!!


We bought a bassett sofa/ recliner the whole couch reclines, We have it a year and a half and it has become very uncomfortable and it feels like a bar is sticking you in the back when you sit on it, one of the reclining parts tore a little on the underside and it is causeing us nothing but trouble, the stuffing is falling out and it is just a mess what a waste of money!!!!

Hawley, PA


Do Not Ever Buy From Basset!


We purchased a custom made sofa set from Basset a little over two years ago and have had nothing but problems.  First, in less than a year, the seat cushoins needed to be replaced.  Soon after that, the upholstery is peeling away from one side of the other sofa.  We had it repaired once, and now they are going to order matching fabric - which will not really match after two years of fading - that will take four weeks to receive.  They will then come and get the sofa out of our house to repair the upholstery.  They will leave us with a loaner sofa for two more weeks.  The problem is that they never ordered the replacement fabric.  So we have to wait another four weeks for the repair.  In the meantime, the popped out staples used to hold the fabric on, has cut open my duaghter's leg, and we have to kill ourselves to keep her from puling the batting out from underneath it.  Basset offers lifetime repairs as long as the furniture is repairable.  So, if they build the furniture to assure their repair department will always be working, do yourself a favor and do not buy furniture from Basset!

Arlington Heights, IL


Basset Sofa

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