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Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash

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Best gentle cleanser!


I've used soo many different cleansers in the past, and this is the one that I'm sticking to after going through all the other ones. First of all, it has this wonderful citrusy smell that just takes me to a far and better place while I close my eyes and foam away. Secondly, it does a good job getting all the dirt and oil off your face without drying your skin out afterwards. There is no tight and dry spot on my face after washing my face like other cleansers tend to do. It keeps your face hydrated and moisturized which is hard to say for other cleansers with harsh chemicals. I have sensitive and acne prone skin and this cleanser never irritated it or inflamed my skin. It has aloe and lemongrass, which is why I guess it smells soo good! It can even take off your makeup, but I usually wipe my makeup off with a towelette beforehand. It's also very affordable and you can find it in the drugstore. It cleared up most of my blemishes and didn't cause me any breakouts. I love it because other cleansers or scrubs I've used before doesn't smell as nearly good as this one and this is the only product that's soo gentle on my skin and does its job without drying my skin out, which would lead to more breakouts and inflamed skin in the end. It lasts a long time too, because you only need a little bit of gel to foam and wash your face. The size of the cleanser is also generous, unlike other expensive brands that are smaller in size and aren't even as good. I've switched from product to product until I found the perfect one which I'm proud to say is this one. I hope they'll never discontinue this cleanser, because I don't know what I would do without it!

Los Angeles, CA


Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash - complete clean without drying


This is my absolute, all-time favorite facial cleanser. I have normal/oily skin with a few dry spots. This wash cleans squeaky clean, without drying out my skin! Plus, it's so affordable! I've tried tons of cleansers, including Cetaphil, Neutrogena, Basis, etc., and this one beats them hands down!

Baytown, TX


Leaves you with clean feeling skin.


 In the past, I never used any kind of facial cleansers. I thought they were unneccessary.  When I tried this facial cleaner, my opinion was changed for the most part positively. I tried it first over the sink, I lathered it up on my face, then rinsed it off. My face felt very clean and fine at first, but then it started to dry up. I have dry skin to begin with, so I was pretty unsatisfied at that point. Later I looked, and my pores looked cleaner and my face appeared to be generally cleaner.  I decided to try it in the shower. I did pretty much the same thing. I ran water over my face, lathered up a small amount and spread it all over my face. After I rinsed, I experienced all the same positive results as before, but alas, I still had the dry skin problem.  I found that I had the same problem everytime I used it.  I can't exactly say that I'm pleased with this product, but paired with a good lotion, it does it's job.  

Cincinnati, OH


Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash

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