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Basco Shower Door

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Lifetime warranty (for the life of a fly)


They advertise a lifetime warranty but note: Warranty is not transferable. Also warranty does not cover parts, labor, workmanship or functionality. I called customer support days after registering and they said they could find no record of my registration. They asked for a sales receipt (for a shower door my contractor ordered.) BTW - My call to them was because the door was leaking badly. I was just hoping for a replacement seal. They said it sounds like it was their cheaper model door and they don't warranty against leaks.

rockford, il


Basco shower door is simply elegant


We ended up with a Basco shower door because it was part of the Re-bath package. What was nice was that I could customize the door any way I wanted. Against the advice of the Re-bath salesperson, I chose clear glass. Why? Because I like to be able to see the dirt I'm dealing with so I can remove it. Clear glass does show dirt, but then I know where it is -- before it builds up to the point of being nearly impossible to remove. I also chose beveled edges for the glass and a chrome finish. Beveled edges just look nice. They kind of say, "the details weren't skipped to save money." Beveling is a detail I like very much. And when sunlight hits those bevels, prism colors appear on the walls. I like that too. As for chrome, experience has taught me that it continues to look shiny-new for many long years if cared for properly. This door cleans up so nice with a once-per-week Windex treatment. If it gets a bit of soap build-up, I can remove it by rubbing with Soft Scrub. For the most part, Windex and regularity keep the door looking perfect. Another reason why I like the clear door is because there is no light in the shower, so the clear glass lets all the available room light shine through. On bright days, no artificial light is needed in there. Outdoor light from the window brightens the entire room, and the shower door doesn't shut it out.

Appleton, WI


Basco Shower Door

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