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Barry's Bootcamp 1,000 Calorie Workout

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Barry's Bootcamp 1000 Calorie Workout


I ordered this product because it came as a set with Barry's Bootcamp Belly Blaster workout and Toning Power Cords. I was interested in the 1000 Calorie Workout because I wanted a hardcore workout that would burn mega calories. The two instructions features in this workout dvd is: Barry and Cindy Whitmarsh. Barry does a lot of loud yelling that can be very annoying. Cindy Whitmarsh on the other hand does not yell but it very motivating and she help keep track of the countdown to the next workout. There are background fitness people showing different variations of the workout moves to fit your needs. If you don't have the Toning Power Cord you can use hand weights or a stretch band. Each workout consist of 100 reps to be completed. In this particular workout the transformer is used during certain workouts. I do not own the transformer so I skipped over those workouts. Overall I found the workout to be very boring. I did not care for Barry's constant loud screaming and yelling.



BBC 1,000 Calorie Workout should be 1,000 Rep Workout


This is a 40ish min full body strength workout. Some of the moves provide a cardio benefit. The dvd comes w/ a gold extra light tubing that you can use with your power handles. the w/o uses tubing and the transformer ball and includes 10 of Barry's favorite exercises and you do 100 reps of each one, with a 30 second rest inbetween. The rest is used to stretch and set up for the next move. There is only one cardio move: jumping back and forth over the cord. The rest are strength moves and include: squats using the band, pliets using the band, bicep curls, bench press w/ the bands on the transformer, push-ups, etc. It includes a short warmup and a cooldown/stretch. A beginner modifier is shown. I think it is 50/50 upper/lower body.I will add that the gold tubing was necessary for me! I could not have used the black tubing or even the green tubing that came with the fat blaster set. I did use a medium resistance tubing (not Barry's tubing) for the bench press and the rower as the gold was actually too light for those 2 exercises. The other brand tubing fit around the transformer very well.I couldnt do the full 100 on some of the moves and had to switch to the beginner modifier and do one arm at a time (biceps come to mind).This is a total body workout so I am combining it w/ the Code Red w/o and alternating cardio days. It is tough and fun-but not as fun as the Fat Blasters IMO. The energy is not quite the same in this one, but I still like it. Definately should have been named "1,000 rep workout" not 1,000 calorie.The sound is also kindof quiet. I have a SMALL TV so even on full blast it was almost too quiet for me. Im sure its fine on a normal sized TV.   **Instructor Comments: **Cindy is helpful with form pointers and she is cheerful and pleasant. Barry is there for motivation and to keep things fun.

Bevery Hills, CA


Barry's Bootcamp 1,000 Calorie Workout

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